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The BBB Accredited Business Seal

Give Consumers the Confidence to Buy

The BBB Seal may be used by accredited businesses in physical locations and digital assets.

Displaying your BBB Accredited Business Seal will show your customers you uphold the eight BBB Standards of Trust. Display the seal on your counter, vehicles, brochures, advertising and anywhere else you want your customers to know they can buy with confidence.

What is the BBB Dynamic Seal?

BBB’s Dynamic Accreditation Seal is a great way to show your customers that you adhere to higher business standards. It’s just one more way to show potential customers that they can trust you.

How to install the BBB Dynamic Seal

  1. Login to your BBB Accredited Business Login page.
  2. Select Install Accredited Business Dynamic Seal.
  3. Then choose BBB Dynamic Seal for use Online.
  4. Next, copy and paste the Script code to your website’s editor. If the seal is installed properly, consumers will be able to click the seal and be directed to your BBB Accredited Business Profile page.
Certain website editors won’t allow for the script to be loaded. You may wish to contact your web host provider for more details on loading the BBB Dynamic Seal. You are also welcome to contact your BBB Business Engagement representative at 888.948.2227 or email bbb.engagement@thebbb.org