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Show more customers they can count on you.

Apply for Accreditation today.

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BBB Accreditation is the ultimate confirmation of integrity. It shows customers they can trust your business.

Why BBB?

  • 84% of Accredited Businesses believe that BBB Accreditation builds trust with their customers.​
  • Users searched for businesses on BBB.org more than 173 million times last year.
  • The average BBB Accredited Business receives 7 times as many customer inquiries on bbb.org as an average non-Accredited Business.

Apply Today!


  • A dedicated BBB rep to help you get the most out of your Accreditation.
  • BBB market and customer information tailored to your industry to help you make strategic decisions.
  • Access to exclusive virtual education and networking events. Host or attend to engage with and shape your community.
  • Dynamic BBB Accredited Business Seal to put on your website and show off your commitment to trust.
  • Access to affordable, proven marketing programs and tools.

Top 3  Reasons to be BBB Accredited

1. Trust

It’s simple. Customers prefer businesses they can count on.

The BBB Seal of Accreditation is the most recognizable symbol of a company’s commitment to practicing ethically and honestly. And as a BBB Accredited Business, it’s all yours. Place the BBB Seal on marketing materials, websites, work vehicles – anywhere you want customers to know they can trust your team.

2. Visibility 

Finding your business shouldn’t be hard work.

Every year, millions of customers use BBB.org to look for companies they can trust. Being a BBB Accredited Business pushes your team to the top of their search results. Customers looking for products and services you provide can quickly see you’re a nearby business they should rely on.

3. Resources

BBB Accreditation gives you exclusive access to tools for growing your business.

Services you can expect to connect with include:

• Ads built and placed by our Marketing Solutions team to boost awareness of your brand.
• Expert insight delivered through BBB-hosted webinars and industry-specific reports.
• Mediation and arbitration services that offer quick and cost-effective conflict resolution.