What are the advertising guidelines for Torch Awards finalists?

BBB asks that all finalists consider the following advertising guidelines when promoting their status.

By submitting the application, the entrant agrees to abide by these guidelines if they choose to promote their finalist status in any of the following ways:

  1. Finalist is permitted to use the approved Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist logo provided the graphic standards indicated below (in section 10) are followed.
  2. Finalist is permitted to promote the achievement in text as follows: Better Business Bureau Great West + Pacific Torch Awards for Ethics – Business of the Year – [Year Received] Finalist.
  3. Finalist is permitted to promote the achievement on their company website, in social media, email, and digital newsletters.
  4. Finalist is permitted to promote the award within BBB’s service area using these methods: newspapers, periodicals, directories, direct mail, billboards, company vehicles, annual reports, posters, fliers, interviews, and television and radio spots.
  5. Finalist is permitted to reproduce a copy of any statutory award, which must include the year of receipt.
  6. Finalist is permitted to issue announcements and press releases about receipt of the award within the year of its receipt.
  7. Finalist is permitted to make a brief factual statement about the award and the required business qualifications.
  8. Finalist is permitted to advertise the award indefinitely, but only as long as they maintain at least a B rating from BBB and is not the subject of pending or final government or regulatory actions, BBB investigation, or any other activity that may poorly reflect upon BBB.
  9. In all advertisements, the award recipient must indicate the year the award was given.
  10. Graphic Standards for the BBB Torch Awards logo use:
    1. The logo may be resized as needed but must retain all proportions. Do not skew, stretch or distort the logo in any way. Elements of the logo may not be rearranged, added to or taken away from.
    2. The logo may only be used in the original formats provided (full color, single color, black and white). Do not change the colors of the logo.
    3. There should be sufficient clear space around the entire logo.
    4. Solid background colors should be used when necessary. Do not use a textured or similar colored background behind the logo.
    5. The BBB logo is federally trademarked property of BBB. This policy is an extension of the BBB’s Agreement for BBB Accreditation and Participation in BBB Advertising Programs.