BBB's Impact in the Community

Check out how BBB's many programs are increasing marketplace trust and helping the community.

Ad Review

BBB Advertising Review offers an opportunity for businesses to compete in an environment where everyone is representing their products and services fairly and accurately, while also protecting the marketplace by encouraging self-regulation and fair competition. In 2021 alone, BBB completed 253 ad reviews.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

BBB’s alternative dispute resolution program provides an effective way for businesses and consumers to resolve disputes outside litigation through mediation and arbitration services. Through these services, BBB is able to foster the growth of community trust by giving businesses and consumers the opportunity to show responsiveness and accountability in the face of a dispute. BBB closed 12 mediation and 43 arbitration cases in 2021.

Auto Line

BBB Auto Line is a national initiative designed to resolve automotive warranty disputes in a fair, amicable environment that acts as an alternative to litigation. Our BBB hosted 27 Auto Line arbitrations in 2021.

Business Development

BBB Business Development staff work to identify and communicate with businesses that are well established, do not display patterns of disputes, hold proper industry licensing, and are free of government actions, resulting in direct implementation of BBB’s mission in our community. BBB Accredited 4,691 new businesses in 2021, and currently serves a total of 26,449 Accredited Businesses.

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Business Engagement

Business Engagement supports our current Accredited Businesses and ensures that they get maximum value out of their Accreditation by providing exclusive BBB resources and information. BBB Accredited 4,691 new businesses in 2021, and currently serves a total of 26,449 Accredited Businesses, paving the way for growth in this department to continue to provide our Accredited Businesses with personalized support.

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Charity Review Program

 Charity Review encourages trust in charities and takes the guesswork out of giving. Charities accredited by BBB meet 20 rigorous Standards for Charity Accountability and are proven to be effective stewards of the donations they receive. In 2020, BBB evaluated and provided personalized support to over 150 local and regional charities, accrediting 86 of those organizations.

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Customer Reviews

The Customer Review program allows consumers to share their experiences and businesses to showcase their happy customers through a vetted pathway. This flow of information from potential buyers to post-purchasers supports a self-regulated market and empowers consumers to make informed buying decisions. In 2021, our BBB published 42,369 Customer Reviews.

Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution program brings consumers and businesses together in a neutral space to assist in resolving buyer and seller issues. Through this process, we reach mutually amicable solutions and share information on how businesses take care of consumers in our community. In 2021 alone, our BBB worked with 86,824 consumer disputes and was able to resolve 84.4% of those. 

Get a Quote

The Get a Quote feature of Accreditation is designed to make it easy for consumers to contact a business for a quote, or to find out more about their product and service pricing. Consumers find this feature particularly beneficial because it provides them with convenience and confidence that they are engaging with a vetted, rated, and reviewed Accredited Business. In 2021, over 576,571 Get a Quote inquiries were sent to businesses.

Hispanic Outreach

Through media and marketing communications, partnerships with local community organizations, and hosting and attending events, BBB helps build trust between consumers and businesses in the Hispanic community. In 2019, BBB received 353 calls to our Spanish Help Line, spent 3,114 minutes dedicated to helping consumers and businesses on that line, conducted 25 local speaking presentations, and completed 6 outreach events.

Investigations/Scam Tracker

BBB’s investigations program researches trending scams in our community and business practices that may be detrimental to consumers, using our unique Scam Tracker tool. We alert and educate consumers on how to identify unethical business behaviors and protect themselves from scams, as well as assist businesses in improving practices for consumers. In 2021, BBB closed 491 investigations and published 5,598 Scam Tracker reports.

Marketing Solutions

BBB Marketing Solutions provides exclusive co-branded marketing and advertising opportunities to our Accredited Businesses to help them increase their visibility in our community. Some of our products include advertising through BBB’s online directory, TV, radio, digital, movie theater, outdoor, and more. In 2021, we served 993 marketing solutions clients to help them better connect with their customers.

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Safety Group by Pinnacol (Colorado only)

The Colorado Safety Group sponsored by Pinnacol Assurance is designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace. There are only four groups like this in Colorado and this program offers up to 4% savings in workers' compensation premiums with potential dividends. In 2021, there were 123 policyholders in the group and 102 people attended 6 safety trainings in Fort Collins, Denver, and Virtually. 

Torch Awards

The BBB Torch Awards is an annual ceremony held to celebrate exceptional businesses in the Denver community. BBB Torch Awards recognize outstanding ethical practices of local organizations and highlight the importance of trust in our community. In 2021, BBB presented Torch Awards to 31 outstanding local businesses in our service area.

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Webinar Series

BBB’s Webinar Series provides workshops throughout the year to educate professionals on trending business topics. In 2021, BBB helped create and promote 17 webinars to provide additional resources for education for businesses. Through these seminars, we equip businesses with useful tools so they may improve operations and innovation within their company.