Be Transparent


Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business, and clearly and prominently disclose all material facts that bear on a customer's decision to buy. 

A. Upon request, promptly provide BBB with all information requested to ensure adherence to BBB standards. 

B. Clearly and prominently provide to customers:

  • direct and effective means to contact the business 
  • the business' return/refund policy 
  • any recurring commitment into which the customer may be entering, including automatic renewals, payments, or other financial commitments. 
  • the total cost of the transaction, including tax, shipping and handling, and other related charges before completion of the transaction 
  • any known delays or shortages of stock 
  • a receipt summarizing the transaction after the purchase 

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Accredited Business High 5 Plumbing demonstrates their commitment to full transparency with customers: 

“When we speak with customers over the phone, we’re very up-front with them. We let them know when the service call is booked whether they will be charged a service call fee. Some customers also call to ask for quotes over the phone, but we remind them that, as a responsible, trustworthy company, we can’t offer quotes without first seeing the plumbing issue. An in-person inspection is the best way for us to accurately assess the problem and provide a fair estimate.”

- High 5 Plumbing


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