Download Accredited Business Seals


We highly encourage you to use the BBB Accredited Business Seal to promote your Accreditation. To get the BBB Seal, you’ll need to log into the Accredited Business Portal and click on the button titled "Download Accredited Business Seals."

Here are some of the ways you can use it

  • On your website 
  • Proposals and contracts 
  • Flyers 
  • Business cards 
  • Marketing materials 
  • Print and online advertising 
  • Vehicles 
  • Embroidered or printed on company clothing 

    Could you not take our word for it? Here are some of our Accredited Businesses showing us how it's done.

    BBB To Go 1GM Garage Door Truck

    Find your Accredited Business Portal here

    Have questions about your Accreditation or BBB Programs?

    Here's how to reach us:
    Call our AB Hotline at 1-888-948-2227
    Send an email to

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