How does Get a Quote work?

The Get a Quote feature of Accreditation is designed to make it easy for your potential customers to contact your business for a quote or find out more about your products and services. This is an exclusive opportunity for Accredited Businesses at no added cost

The Get a Quote button is located on your Accredited Business profile and directory listing, making it an easily recognizable feature when consumers are looking to buy from your business. This creates an experience that consumers find particularly beneficial because it provides them with convenience and confidence that they are engaging with an Accredited Business. 

To increase your odds of receiving a quote, it is recommended that you build up your business profile as much as possible to increase engagement. Learn more about adding to your business profile here. 

Here's where a consumer can access the get a quote program. 

Your BBB directory listing:

get a quote-1

Your BBB business profile:

get a quote 2

From’s homepage:

Get a Quote Website

You can also put the Get a Quote Seal on your website as an extra opportunity for your customers to contact you. Log in to your portal and download your Seal here.

get a quote 2-1

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