I received an email saying I got a quote, now what? 

BBB's Request-a-Quote feature delivers leads right to your email inbox!

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It only takes a couple of clicks from the consumer to receive an automated email message from BBB letting you know you have an interested customer. When a consumer completes the Get a Quote form, your business will receive an email notifying you of the consumer’s interest

It’s important to make sure you designate the appropriate person on your team to receive these emails. Timely responses are best as it’s likely the consumer has requested multiple quotes. 

The email you receive will be titled "SALES LEAD from your Better Business Bureau." Follow the instructions for the next steps contained in the email.


Have questions about your Accreditation or BBB Programs?

Here's how to reach us:
Call our AB Hotline at 1-888-948-2227
Send an email to bbb.engagement@thebbb.org.

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