Safeguard Privacy


Protect any data collected against unauthorized disclosure and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect customers' preferences regarding the use of their information. 

A. Disclose handling practices for personal information, including but not limited to:

  • what information is collected; 
  • how it is used; 
  • with whom it is shared; 
  • how it can be corrected; 
  • how it is secured; 
  • how policy changes will be communicated; and 
  • how to address concerns over misuse of personal data. 

    B. Ensure sensitive data (credit card, bank account numbers, Social Security/Social Insurance number, salary, or other personal financial or health information) is collected and transmitted via secure means. Businesses will comply with applicable legal requirements and industry standards for the protection and proper disposal of all sensitive data, both online and offline.

    C. Respect customer preferences regarding contact by telephone and e-mail and remedy the underlying cause of any failure. 


    Keeping in mind the importance of safeguarding privacy, Accredited Business Plumbline Services shares how they live up to this business standard in their practices:

    "All information online is protected through our secure firewall system. The client’s home address, email and phone are also protected. The company’s email and internet system are intended for business purposes only. All email and internet records are considered company records. All employees are reminded that log-on and other passwords may not be shared with any third party, nor with any other employee. We do not sell any information to third parties."

    -Plumbline Services

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