What are the Torch Awards?

The BBB Torch Awards Ceremony is an annual celebration to honor exceptional businesses in the community. The Torch Awards recognize local organizations' outstanding ethical practices and highlight the importance of trust and commitment to doing what's right.

Our 2022 Torch Awards for Ethics will celebrate businesses whose leaders demonstrate a high level of personal character, create a workplace culture that meet the highest standards of ethics, and consequently, generate trust with their customers and the community.

Your business could get the chance to be named a finalist and/or a winner for the 2022 Torch Awards!

Visit our Torch Awards page to learn how to get your business involved, see past winners, and help us celebrate the outstanding recipients.

BBB Torch Awards 0319-1

“There are very few awards or honors we consider more significant than being named the 2018 BBB Torch Award winner. The BBB logo is well recognized and is synonymous with a business's desire to exceed mediocrity. And as a small business in an industry with a sub-par reputation, anything that helps convey the high level of importance we put on transparency and quality is exceedingly important. The Torch Award does just that."

Brian Sump - Urban Autocare (2018 Torch Award winner)



Have questions about the Torch Awards? Contact Meghan Compton at Meghan.Compton@thebbb.org or 303.996.3980.