What are the criteria used to judge applications?

Submissions are evaluated based on the eligibility of the applicant and their commitment to character, culture, customers, and community.

These criteria are explained in more detail below:

  • Eligibility of the Application: The submission has been submitted online before the deadline with the required documentation and complies with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Essay Criteria | Character, Culture, Customers, and Community: Applicants should respond to at least one question in each category, clearly illustrating real-life examples that address each prompt. Applications will be ranked based on how well the applicant exemplifies and demonstrates commitment to each criteria, as well as the BBB Standards for Trust. Prompts and guide questions are provided in the application.


  • Entrants must address all questions in concise narrative that explain how their
    business exemplifies the given criteria in daily operations. Submissions should
    provide a robust and accurate description of general business operations
    and culture.
  • Responses must not exceed the maximum word count indicated in the online
    application form.
  • The judges will be asked to score finalist submissions that best meet the scope of the application requirements. 

Visit trust-bbb.org/torchawards to start the application.