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5G On the Way: How Will it Affect Business Today?

by Tyler Russell | Feb 11, 2020 12:45:29 PM

I love when new tech rolls out.  Trying out the newest version of the iPhone
or a VR headset for the first time is my jam. The newest new for Spokane, along
with some surrounding areas, means access and availability to the fastest cell
phone technology out there. With so many networks in competition to be the
fastest network; it should be good for customers. But what does that mean for
businesses that rely on mobile technology to operate?

First – of course I’m talking 5G – but what is 5G?  According to a January 2020 Consumer Reports
article, 5G, at its peak performance, will be five (5) FIVE! times faster than
current 4G connections.  For context, this could allow users to download a feature length movie in as few as five seconds.  The technology could pave the way for robotic surgery and even perfect self-driving cars.  It could provide businesses the opportunity to quickly and effectively operate with lightning speed and efficiency within their industry and for their customers.  The
benefits are numerous, but it doesn’t come without a risk potential.

As new technology is adopted by businesses and consumers it
doesn’t just provide faster speed for them but also for cybercriminals.
Businesses looking to make the change to 5G must look at the infrastructure
that goes along with it and have the proper cyber security strategies in place
to be prepared for the threat of attacks. Security measures including
firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems are an essential start
for those wanting to embrace 5G.

The new infrastructure has begun going up around Spokane with crews installing small antennas on top of existing streetlights and utility poles.  There is some concern about potential effects to human health.  In an online book from 2018, Martin Pall, a Washington State University Professor of biochemistry and basic medical sciences, raised concerns about the 5G frequencies’ potential to cause health risks from infertility to blindness.

However, the new technology is coming.  Each day more and more antennas are placed
around the areas where we work, live and play.  As a business or consumer, be in the know and do your research.  The changes are coming quickly, so make sure that you are adapting and planning strategically for your business’ or personal security. The last thing we want to see
is another person or businesses be a victim of a cybercriminal now, or in the future.

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