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8 Creative Benefits to Help Retain Loyal Employees

by Keylen Villagrana | Jul 23, 2021 3:37:13 PM

Recent worker shortages have left many industries understaffed and in desperate need to find new talent. As a result, business owners’ first reaction is to place priority on hiring new employees. Unfortunately, they may forget the importance of ensuring their current employees aren’t getting burnt out

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Worker shortage or not, the bottom line is to demonstrate that you care and can empathize with your employees. A happy employee that feels understood and supported is more likely to remain loyal to your company. Especially if you take the time to help alleviate the stress that stems from outside of the workplace. 

Remember to be transparent with your employees about the status of your business and work with them to accommodate their circumstances. Building a mutual level of trust creates company advocates that are proud to work for you. Better Business Bureau compiled a list of creative perks you can implement in your small business today. 

Shorten your Work Hours & Provide Flexibility  

While it might be a temporary solution for your employees to be working overtime, it is not sustainable in the long run. A more viable option is to open later than usual and/or close earlier. Perhaps even close one to two days a week to ensure your employees can recharge.  

Employees will appreciate a sense of control over their schedule, especially if they have personal matters to attend to. Offer flextime, hybrid work from home models, or even the 4/10 work schedule. These options help to foster a positive work-life balance.  

Commuting Assistance 

Offer monthly passes for employees who use public transportation to commute to work. Think of inclusivity and mindfulness. Not everyone has the financial means or the ability to own and operate their own vehicle. Taking this expense off their plate is an environmentally friendly option that will alleviate some financial stress.  

Child Care 

Parents often deal with the major cost and stress of childcare. Partnering with local daycares to offer employees a special rate will save them money and build their loyalty to your company.  

Invest in their Professional Development  

Demonstrate to your employees that you care about their development and growth in the company. Offer to pay a portion or completely fund training opportunities, online courses and certificates. Whether it’s to enhance their technical skills or develop soft skills that’ll help your company run more efficiently, it will benefit everyone in the long run.   

Mental Health Counseling & Support 

Mental health is a serious matter that is often ignored because of stigma and its high cost. Encouraging your employees to address underlying issues will help them live healthier lives. 

Consider providing a confidential helpline or counseling that is free for your employees. Everyone needs someone to talk to when life starts to feel very overwhelming. Talkspace is a great example of this type of service. 

Personal Days 

You’ve heard of sick days and vacation days. What about personal days? Anything that falls outside of feeling sick or allotted vacation time is considered a personal day. This is an opportunity for your employees to take a day off, no questions asked when they need it. Whether it’s to take their kids to doctor’s appointments or a mental health break, it’s nice to know it's available.  

Chore Help  

Nobody really looks forward to doing laundry and tedious chores, especially after a long workday. Allot a few cleaning services a year for employees to schedule when they need it most!  


Who doesn’t love a good massage? Schedule a quarterly massage day in your office, hire a masseuse for an allotted number of hours and have your employees sign up for a slot. For the busy worker that feels they never have time for themselves, help them make time for a bit of pampering.  

It’s worth the added expense to your business to offer perks that will make your employees want to stay and offset your would-be costs of rehiring. BBB proudly offers a few of these perks to its employees – favorites include the flexible works schedule, monthly health and wellness reimbursements, and a flexible PTO program. 

Finding the perks that work for your business will go a long way in building employee loyalty and boosting morale. 

For more tips on workplace culture, visit trust-bbb.org. 

What perks do you offer to your employees? Which ones have you found are most valuable? 

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