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8 Free Tools Your Small Business Could Use Right Now

by Ben Spradling | Dec 10, 2021 1:30:00 PM

Connecting with resources that enhance important facets of your business requires a certain amount of, well, resourcefulness. Tech offerings often evolve at a rapid-fire pace, making it tough to keep up with all the available choices. Plus, even when you do find a product or service that fits your team’s needs, the price tag may prove too high for your budget.

If that's been the case with your small business, we have some good news. Not only is there a wide range of easy-to-use tools available to help your operation right now, many of those resources aren’t associated with much cost. In fact, a large portion of them are cost-free. Here are a few options that may be an affordable fit for your team:


Most small businesses simply are not ready to add an in-house graphic designer. Canva is a free design tool that can boost your visual marketing elements without much work or any extra manpower. Its customizable templates allow users to easily create social media graphics, posters, flyers, and digital ads. If your logo needs a refresh, it can do that for you, too.

Social media management is hard work. Hootsuite lightens that lift by allowing users to manage all their platforms and accounts in one centralized space. Use it to schedule posts, track engagement, and grow the reach of your social streams using their built-in analytical information. As the pandemic pushes more customers online, having a strong social media strategy is essential.

Businesses wanting to reach targeted audiences in a more personalized way without much expense need a strong email marketing strategy. Mailchimp is a platform perfect for helping business owners automate their approach. Templates are available to help users create customized email marketing campaigns with a quick turnaround. Their analytics tools can also let you know what is or isn’t working.


Bookkeeping likely doesn’t rank high on many business owners’ lists of “favorite things to do,” but that process doesn’t have to be painful. Wave offers small businesses simple and straightforward (and free!) options for managing their finances. Use it to track your invoices and create customized invoices.

If you’re new to accounting and you anticipate your small business’s bookkeeping needs are going to be mostly small, ZipBooks Starter may be an option worth exploring. It’s a free tool for managing an unlimited number of customers and vendors, and it allows you to send invoices and receive payment through popular platforms like PayPal or Square.

Company Culture & Collaboration

Remote workforces are tough environments for maintaining high morale, and that can take a toll on employee hiring and retention. Nectar is a tool intended to elevate employee satisfaction through rewards and recognition. You can celebrate stellar work performed by your team as a way of broadcasting the character of your growing company. Also, plans start at exactly $0/month.

Reinforcing your company’s culture could also be as easy as throwing around a few perks to deserving employees. Assembly allows you to cover lunch or expense some continuing education opportunities for team members who could use a boost. The free basic plan even lets you keep track and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

Project management is a team effort, so make sure everyone’s involved. Toggl Plan is meant to help teams track deadlines, add milestones, and collect feedback. It’s an opportunity for your staff to creatively collaborate, and the basic plan allows you to sidestep any cost.

A small business owner’s plate is always full. So, any opportunity to streamline a process is likely a welcome one. These tools may be your ticket to adding some extra time (and budget) you can devote to other important endeavors, like building trust with and establishing your reputation among your customers.

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