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Flat on the Spot

by Sheron Patrick | Feb 15, 2019 9:29:54 AM

Ever have that uneasy sinking feeling in the back of your head, driving down the road, thinking something might be wrong with your car, but hoping that sinking feeling will go away?  That happened to me recently and, no, it did not go away. 

For a few weeks my “Check tire pressure” warning light kept coming
on but then turning off.  I’d pull into a
gas station, check the pressure on my tires, find all is well and move on with
my day.  Again and again and again, this
happened.  Finally, I chalked it up to
Alaska weather and Mother Nature’s wild mood swings, fluctuating temps from
balmy mid-winter 30 above zero then dropping to a nose-biting five below – I
figured, maybe the sensors were off.

Then one night I was almost home but, again, could feel my
car not driving properly.  And I knew, I
just knew, I had a flat. I was literally six blocks from my house. I limped my
car home, driving as slow as possible so as not to damage the rim and parked

The next day I borrowed my buddies’ wheels to get back and
forth to work.  I got on-line and started
looking mobile repair services. The one that kept coming up was “Flat on the
Spot Mobile Tire Service” which was an A+ rated Accredited Business with the

A cheerful voice, “Jessica”, answered my call.  Jessica was polite, happy and very
accommodating. I explained my situation and she told me there were other
clients ahead of me, but they could definitely get to me that day – in three to
four hours.   Great! I thought.  Jay, with Flat on the Spot, got to my house
in under two hours and called me with the bad news.  My tire had blown out from the backside and
could not be repaired.  I would need a
new tire.  Well shoot, not what I wanted
to hear.  However, I knew Jay was acting
ethically, looking out for my wellbeing by not throwing a quick patch job on my

Jay gave me my tire measurements and suggestions of where I
could call to get a replacement in town. Of course, nothing in stock and I had
to order one.  Once it arrived I again
called Flat on the Spot.  About 45
minutes later Jay called to let me know he was on the way. “WOW, these guys are

I met Jay at my house just as he was mounting the new tire
to the rim.   He checked the pressure,
the balance, the symmetry, then one more test that I don’t even know the name
of!  To put the cherry on the top, I
asked if he could check the pressures on the rest of my tires.  Without question or hesitation, it was

You can tell, this company cares for its customers, cares
about their safety, and cares about the work they do.  Accredited since 2014, they live the ethics of
BBB.  Flat Tire on the Spot does more than
just mobile tire service by the way. They also do seasonal change overs, oil
changes, lockouts, jump starters/batteries, and brakes!

I hope I never again get that sinking feeling as I’m driving along again but, if I do, I’ll feel safer knowing there are reputable trustworthy businesses such as Flat on the Spot Mobile Tire Service out there!

For more information on Flat on the Spot, visit their BBB.org profile here.

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