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A Doggone Good Time

by Hannah Stiff | Jan 24, 2019 7:51:59 AM

Checking in with Accredited Business Invisible Fence of the Big Sky

If there’s one thing Montanans love more than
craft beer, it’s their canine companions. That love isn’t lost on Jon Springer,
owner of Invisible Fence of the Big Sky. Though Springer is relatively new to
owning the business, he’s no stranger to loving dogs.

So, when he decided 18 months ago to purchase
Invisible Fence of the Big Sky, Springer was marrying his passion for pups with
a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

“I tell my kids, I couldn’t dream up a better
job,” Springer says. “I love it.”

Springer’s family helps make the job fun. Jon’s
two youngest sons help with installations and trainings. His wife is eager to
help, too. On a recent bluebird day in January, Jon was manning his retail
location in Four Corners, Mont., when his wife called, wondering when she could
come help in the store. She hadn’t been in for a while and missed it. As it
turned out, Jon had to be away on an install the very next day. He delighted
his wife with the news that she could soon pop in and help again. 

Jon’s 20-year-old son Marco is something of a dog
whisperer. Two years ago, when the family went to White Sulphur Springs to pick
up a puppy, they were trying to decide on a name for the dog. When they stopped
for an afternoon of swimming at a local hot spring, Marco heard kids in the
pool playing the popular game “Marco Polo.” Just like that, he had a name for
his puppy: Polo.

In addition to Polo, the Springer’s have a mixed
pup, Wesley, adopted from the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. While they
love their own dogs and adore the pooches they work with, Jon doesn’t have a
favorite breed.

“One thing I’ve learned in this role is to be
careful not to categorize certain types of breeds,” he says. “Any dog can pick
things up quickly and learn new things. They are all special to me and their

Often when Jon installs an Invisible Fence, he
hears a similar refrain from his customers, “This is a life changer.”  They no longer have to worry about their
pet’s safety or whereabouts, Jon explains.

“It’s all about peace of mind for our customers,”
he says. “One of the best parts of this job is realizing when a dog is finally
safe, and they won’t be hit by a car or wander too far.”

Springer’s retail store, Bozeman Dog Company,
carries a full array of dog products and offers personalized dog training in
group and private sessions.  Courtney
Horning, the trainer who also mans the store, provides expert advice to anyone
with questions about anything related to dogs.

From the actual installation of each Invisible
to marketing the product, working his store, and fielding calls about the
products, Jon says he loves the variety each day offers. With a new profession
and passion, Jon says he has no plans to quit.

“Absolutely, I don’t want to retire because it’s
too much fun,” he says.

serves most of Montana and parts of Idaho and Wyoming. To find out more about
his services or contact Jon, visit https://tinyurl.com/ya9g6mdl.

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