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A New View

by Tyler Russell | Jan 23, 2019 12:42:12 PM

Seeing the world through Augmented Reality (AR) will expand
the borders of what and how you see the world. The augmented reality company
Gravity Jack hosted an event at their offices for the Spokane Young Professionals.
We were able to get a hands-on feel for what the technology does and how it
reacts to the world around us.

AR allows the user, through an app on their phone or virtual
reality headset, to have digital information integrated with their
environment.  The technology is amazing.
You can take it from me and my first-hand experience, when there is a plane
flying over your head, it looks like its flying over your head.

This is the type of event SYP hosts on a monthly basis in
and around Spokane.  Attendees were
treated to some cutting-edge tech in addition to networking with amazing young
entrepreneurs and business people from Spokane and area. 

SYP was established in 2004 and is currently in its
fifteenth year of operation.  The group
is an invaluable resource to the Spokane business community by connecting
professionals within the area with exceptional outside-the-box events.  SYP has taken the lead on collaborating with
local groups to ensure the development and retention of a young, vibrant and
talented workforce. 

The event at Gravity Jack was just one example of the events that continue throughout the year and Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific is proud to sponsor events. Come and checkout the next few events coming up that range from local award winning wineries to watching the Spokane Symphony practice for the upcoming presentation of music from Indiana Jones. 

Find them online at: www.spokaneyp.org

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