Actions, Education and Accountability

by BBB Staff | Jun 5, 2020 4:58:17 PM

Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific resolutely condemns the ongoing racial inequalities that continue to afflict communities throughout the country and firmly stands beside those who have been victimized by inaction for far too long.

We do not simply consider the continuing cries for justice as reminders of a need for change. These calls must serve as an overdue catalyst to actively eliminate racism from every corner of every community.

The Better Business Bureau is guided by a vision and mission both rooted in advancing trust and ethics in marketplaces we support. If we do not do our part to remove racial injustices and other unacceptable inequalities, those objectives carry no value. They are words with no weight.

So, where are we going to start looking internally at Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific?

  1. Listen and learn.
    • Provide resources intended to educate staff and stakeholders on racial inequality and social injustices.
    • Host webinars featuring speakers educated on diversity in the marketplace as a way of informing BBB Accredited Businesses and stakeholders.
    • Begin offering ongoing sensitivity training for staff to understand diverse perspectives and their needs.
  2. Recognize/celebrate diverse businesses in the marketplace.
    • Develop a more defined method for encouraging minority students as way of encouraging equal representation in the marketplace.
    • Commit to creating more content focused on minority issues, making them regular entries within our communication to all constituents.
  3. Encourage more diversity in the marketplace.
    • Develop partnerships with organizations committed to supporting diverse populations.
  4. Prioritize diversity among our BBB team.
    • Establish volunteer opportunities that benefit minorities and broaden perspectives of BBB staff.
    • Introduce a BBB sub-committee that includes minority staff members who can provide insight and recommendations on issues.
  5. Donate.
    • Review our organization’s past donations and provide donations to more minority organizations going forward.
  6. Hold ourselves accountable.
    • Document the steps taken to encourage diversity and erase inequality in areas we have impact.
    • Evaluate whether we are doing enough; make ourselves responsible for doing what we said we will do.

We announce these actions with the full understanding they are not comprehensive solutions. This is a significant issue that requires substantial support. More than ever, we are leaning on our deep network of accredited businesses and stakeholders to share what actions they are taking right now, to let us know how we can improve. If you have that guidance, please let us know by emailing

Now is the time to act in support of the black and brown communities. Together, Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is ready to take the necessary steps toward change.

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