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Astronaut, Stunt Man, Noodle Maker

by Tyler Russell | Mar 22, 2019 10:29:10 AM

When I was in school, I had no clue what I was going to be
when I grew up.  I look back at some of my thoughts when I was much younger; astronaut, stunt man and noodle maker. (Yes, really, noodle maker) I drew pictures of my dream jobs, crafting images with
space ships, jumping cars and long lines representing noodles. (Don’t ask, really.)  When I remember the job fairs I attended over my life, they all followed a certain routine: businesses showed
up, had some handouts for students, and you most likely never heard from them
again.  They always seemed like a forced event that required students to show up and fill out forms and take them back to your teachers. 

This was different.  It was a ‘reverse job fair’.  The job-seeking world on its head.

As I arrived at the auditorium, I was given my information and layout of the participants.  Each student researched the jobs they would like to have, and our role was to ask them interview questions.  As I started, I was unsure of how “real” I wanted to be. There were several students interested in fields where I had experience, so I decided to just jump in. 

The first student I spoke with was interested in being a journalist, noting that he had experience locally in Spokane with several the television stations.  Several other students were interested in being an interior designer, a graphic designer, and one young lady interested in being a sound tech engineer.  They answered my questions, were prepared and professional.

When I completed my last interview I thought, what was I like when I was getting into the job world? Clueless.  I had no idea what I was getting into or what direction I needed to go, to get where I am now.  This reverse job fair was such a great idea, where the ownership of what needed to be done was placed upon the students.  Many of them were going to college, but not all, as some wanted to be in business for themselves.  I asked the question, “do you know what the Better Business Bureau is?”  The
responses were surprising.  From “No Clue” to “I Kinda Do” it was a great starting point to provide some insight to who we are, what we do and how we help advance marketplace trust.

Being a part of this Reverse Job Fair was a new experience for me and I cannot wait for the next one. 
Thank you so much to Real Life Ministries for allowing us to be a part of this unique event and BBB Northwest and Pacific is excited to be part of the next Reverse Job Fair in the future.

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