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BBB Accreditation Encourages Businesses to Be the Very Best

by BBB Staff | Feb 16, 2018 12:23:19 PM

Just about any company can have a rating with the Better Business Bureau. But did you know that companies who have received BBB accreditation are often more successful than those who don’t?

BBB accreditation goes way beyond earning a simple grade. In fact, taking the time to earn this accreditation is a great way for businesses to ensure they continue to provide exceptional products and services to their customers.

How so?

How BBB Accreditation Helps Businesses Stay on Their Toes

Getting accredited by the Better Business Bureau can help businesses continually provide the very best to their customers in the following ways.

1. The BBB Is an Unbiased Source of Information

A lot of people rely on online review sites to make purchasing decisions. While these sites have their place, they aren’t always a reliable source of information.

People who write reviews might be biased – either for or against a certain business.

For instance, if their brother just opened a new restaurant, a person might go online and write a great review. On the other hand, if their ex is providing personal growth coaching sessions, they might write a scathing review based on their current feelings for this person.

Accreditation from BBB provides potential customers with an unbiased resource with which to make purchasing decisions. They can trust that the business has been evaluated by the BBB and that they don’t have any outstanding complaints against them.

2. Accreditation Will Keep You Honest and Fair

If you’re like most business owners, you want to provide your customers with the very best. However, some business owners tend to lose their way. They want to save money and start to cut corners.

Receiving accreditation from BBB can prevent that from happening. It provides impetus to continue with your fair, honest, and high-quality business practices.

3. Losing Accreditation Could Result in the Loss of Customers

Companies who don’t maintain high standards can end up losing their accreditation. This happened recently with Wells Fargo – the largest business ever to lose their BBB accreditation and good ranking. The popular pillow distribution company My Pillow, Inc., also had its accreditation revoked in 2017.

Can you imagine what people would think of your business if it was in the same category as these two companies? In many cases, people would take their business elsewhere.

The Accreditation Process – What to Expect From the BBB

To get your accreditation, you need to fill out an application, provide some references, and pay the annual dues all at once or monthly.  Additionally, you’ll have to prove you’ve been in business for at least six months and that you don’t have any outstanding complaints with the BBB.

Your BBB branch will likely ask for the privacy policy of your website if you have one.

Once you’ve gone through all of this, you can then display the BBB Seal on your website and marketing materials.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation Can Help You Get More Customers

Because the BBB is such a trusted entity, people are more likely to give their business to a company that is in good standing.

In fact, before buying from a company or even scheduling an appointment for services provided by a certain company, many people will first check the company’s BBB rating.

If the rating is high – and better yet, if the company is accredited – customers are more likely to feel confident when hiring them.

Would you like more customers? Do you want customers to feel confident when hiring you or buying your products? Of course, you would! And that is why you should consider going through the accreditation process.

Visit BBB.org today to start the accreditation process.

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