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BBB Reviews Changing the Game

by Jeremy Johnson | Feb 20, 2019 1:56:47 PM

As I travel around eastern Idaho and western Wyoming, visiting with business owners and executives, the conversation often shifts to customer reviews.  Businesses want to know, where is the best place to guide customers wanting to leave a review?  Most businesses focus on the same web pages, whether it’s social media platforms or google.  But my question is always the same, why not your BBB profile page? Then the question back to me is usually the same, “well, what makes the reviews I get on my BBB page, different?”

BBB reviews are different and, for businesses that understand
their value, they appreciate those reviews. So, what are the differences? BBB
reviews are transparent, vetted and reliable. 
For example, BBB team members vet all customer reviews and send them to
the business before they are
published online. Consumers, upon request of BBB and a business, must provide
substantiation of the marketplace interaction. This step alone can be a huge
value because, on other review sites, someone who has never stepped foot into
the business or had any work done by them could be leaving a review.

Here are some other great
ways BBB Customer Reviews are different and more reliable:

  • BBB does not post anonymous reviews
  • BBB does not post reviews for which the consumer
    was compensated
  • BBB sends the review to the business, allowing
    the business to provide additional feedback
  • BBB protects the identity of the submissions by
    not posting personally identifiable information
  • BBB validates the email address of all reviewers
  • In some instances, BBB works with both consumer
    and business to resolve an issue

After going over these
differences, the businesses I talk to often see the value. But then the
question comes, “how do I drive consumers to my BBB page?” There are many ways to
drive customers to leave reviews on a business’ BBB page.  One of the best ways is to create a link from
the business webpage and social media accounts directly to the BBB profile
page.  Also, when speaking to customers,
don’t hesitate to ask them to go to your profile. From contests to info cards
there are many ways to get these reviews, but the most important part is to get
them. Then, if possible, respond to all so your customers know you are engaged.

For more information on BBB
Customer Reviews, or the process we at BBB go through to vet them go to

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