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Bellevue Insurance Company Lives By BBB Standards

by BBB Staff | Jul 13, 2018 2:38:44 PM

The topic of life insurance is usually one that families tend to avoid discussing. No one likes to think of what could happen if a loved one were to pass away. However, life insurance and planning for those what-ifs is a discussion that all families need to have to protect their finances and peace-of-mind. That is where J. Carter Gray and the team at Pacific Insurance Group step in.

The Bellevue headquartered Pacific Insurance Group became accredited with Better Business Bureau in March 2018, but their commitment to trust is nothing new. Since they were founded in 2001, Pacific Insurance group has committed themselves to going the extra mile for their clients.

“We know where to go for our customers. We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. We walk people through the process of getting the best insurance for their needs,” Carter Gray said.

Carter learned the importance of catering business to the individual needs of the customer from his father, Rowland. Before starting Pacific Insurance Group in 2001, Rowland made a career in the corporate insurance world.

“Transitioning to this small, family-owned business, I wanted to make sure we were doing the very best we could for our customers,” Rowland Gray said.

Rowland now prefers to take a back seat in the company, enjoying spending time with his grandson as Carter and his wife, Lauren, run the day to day business operations. Carter’s sister, Gina Gray-Hagins serves as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Aside from building trust with their customers, Pacific Insurance Group is also committed to BBB’s standard of transparency and safeguarding privacy. While others sell customer information in exchange for sales leads, Pacific Insurance Group never does this. They are fully committed to giving each customer the personalized attention that they need when making such an important decision as a life insurance policy. In an industry where customers may feel that transparency is lacking, Pacific Insurance Group leads the way in telling the truth to their clients and potential customers.

“If a (life insurance) claim does have to happen, we want our customers to know that someone is here taking care of them. We naturally care about people and see it as our responsibility to always be there for our customers,” Carter Gray said.

With their long-established commitments to trust and integrity, Pacific Insurance Group will continue to serve their customers in the best way possible, now with BBB standing behind their principles.

Learn more about the company at www.pacificinsurancegroup.com.

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