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Brand on Wheels

by Rebecca Barr | Mar 2, 2020 1:33:00 PM

Time was up and it was time to refresh! At BBB, our car lease
was due to expire, and it was time for new wheels. This created an exciting
opportunity for our marketing team to design a new car wrap for the fleet!

Andy Krivy of Infinity Signs in Boise worked with BBB NW+P’s
creative team to wrap our fleet. As an Accredited Business, I’d worked with
Andy before and he was so helpful in working with us – we think they look

Vehicle wraps can be a terrific marketing tool- they are
basically a mobile billboard. As you drive through town, people will take
notice of eye-catching graphics, increasing the exposure of your business. 

If your business is looking to put your brand message on wheels,
here’s a guide to putting your best tire forward: 

  • Brainstorm: get the team together and dream up
    what the new design might look like and “say”. Think about the colors (loud or
    subtle), themes (professional or fun), and overall messaging. Also consider how
    much of the vehicle you’ll be wrapping, will it be a full wrap, half or just a
  • Design: put your artistic pros on the task of
    bringing your ideas to life. Get a few concepts on the table with a variety of looks.
    Check out the different parts of the vehicle that could benefit from the
    graphic: hood, trunk, wheel cover. Get creative!
  • Present: After narrowing it down to a few
    options, show them off! Survey your audience, stakeholders and team. Find out
    what they have to say about the designs, what do they like, what don’t they
  • Tinker: Analyze the feedback. What changes do
    you need to make? Do you need to hit “reset” and start from the beginning? Is
    the design hitting the original goal? Is there a call to action?
  • Proof it: Check for branding compliance,
    spelling errors, placement and position. Does the graphic hold true when the
    windows are down, or doors open? Will it inhibit a driver’s visibility?
  • Finalize: Give it a double, triple check and get
    some extra sets of eyes on it. Remember car wraps can be a big investment and
    will be seen by the masses in your community. If it’s good to go- sign, seal
    and deliver it!
  • Get it done: Make sure you’re dealing with
    trustworthy car wrap company. Check out their reputation and customer
    experience at bbb.org. Get quotes from at least three companies, read the fine
    print in the contract, and make deadlines clear to ensure the project will be
    done on time.

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