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Brandner Design- Art for All

by Hannah Stiff | Jul 12, 2019 11:51:58 AM


“We try to create things that create emotion.”

That’s how Jeff Brandner, owner of Brandner Design, sums up his work.

Brandner brings that ethos to life each day in his
Bozeman-based workshop alongside his team of 30 talented craftsmen, designers
and engineers. That team creates furniture, architectural elements, decorative
metal panels and fine arts to install throughout Montana, across the United
States, and internationally.

The company’s portfolio includes both residential
and commercial projects. At Montana State University, Brandner and his team are
responsible for creating an 800 square-foot bobcat mosaic made of 280,000 laser
cut triangles. The art installation can be found in the new engineering
building, Norm Asbojornson Hall.

The team tackles what they refer to as “mountain
industrial” residential projects. These luxe Montana mountain homes feature
oxidizing metal features both indoors and out. Customized fireplaces and
staircases reflect the skill of the Brandner team. Inside the mountain
industrial homes, tall metal beams, doors and furniture co-exist with wooden
accent walls and rough-hewn tables and plush rugs. The effect is minimalist and
modern artsy. 

Brandner himself hails from a family of artists.
He followed his roots to Rutgers where he studied fine art. Like many, he
ambled around in his 20s, trying to decide what to do with his life. When
Brandner moved to “the last best place” better than a decade ago, the
pioneering spirit of Montana moved him.

“I started this company about 10 years ago,” he
says. “I started in a two-car garage in 2007. Bozeman seemed like a new
frontier to start fresh and re-create my business. (We) build things in wood,
metal, leather, glass, everything from furniture to large scale installations,
staircases, railings, fireplaces, and we’re working nationally right now, we’re
all over the country.”

From the outset, Brandner wanted to create pieces
that fused natural and manmade elements – like the wood and metal tables
popular in his showroom today. Before it became mainstream in design circles,
Brandner was honing his skills as a master mixologist of industrial and organic
elements. The juxtaposition works.

“I feel like the business I have now, narrowed
down from what I like doing,” he explains. “The projects I have now are all
connected to the people here. I think having people who are passionate about
what they do is our key.”

The passion from his team is evident any given
work day. One craftsman smooths the metal edges of a large art installation
while another puts the finishing touches on a set of wooden drawers. Engineers
squint at computers, virtually arranging nuts, bolts and seams just so. There’s
a laser focus among the team that Brandner says comes from hiring people with a
strong work ethic and zest for their craft. The focus translates to satisfied

“I think people really do want to come home and
feel something from their home,” Brandner says. “Give them peace, joy, and (help
them) appreciate what they have.”

Brandner says aligning his company’s strong
reputation with the Better Business Bureau helps him reach even more clients,
especially customers who find Brandner online. Being an accredited business
adds a layer of trust to the mix from the very first interaction. After all,
working in someone’s home, creating pieces that will be seen and used and
enjoyed daily, requires a lot of trust.

His company’s partnership with BBB is something
Brandner says he hopes trickles down to every level of customer and business

 “We’re not
just working for the ultra-rich or the exclusive architects,” he says. “We work
for every different level of people and business.”

Brandner Design is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. To find out more, visit brandnerdesign.com

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