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Building with Trust

by Sheron Patrick | Apr 11, 2019 1:19:21 PM

What does one do when you are ready for something bigger,
something better, and something more then what you have?  If you’re Jeannine Jabaay – you go for it and
start your own business.

Jabaay had waited years for her husband’s boss to finally
sell his landscaping business to them. 
Summer after summer went by; still no sale and no hint of when it would
happen.  In frustration, Jabaay took out
her own business license as Alaska Treeline Incorporated.  Then hired her husband.  “He was my first hire!” 

“We hit the ground running,” says Jabaay.  She and husband Derrick started off operating
the business out of their one-bedroom apartment, offering landscaping services.  Within a year and a half they added decks,
then the next year they dropped the landscaping and moved into just decks and
fences.  Then it was decks and
remodeling.  The only thing that’s stayed
the same nearly 20 years after Jabaay started? 
That she and husband Derrick, “are still at the helm,” of what
eventually became Treeline Construction. 

Treeline Construction, with Jabaay as the helm as President,
has carved out a name for itself as one of the construction businesses in
Alaska. “Our focus has always been not just to compete in the industry we’re in,
but to set the standard for all others to follow.”  Jabaay explains she looks at a national
scale, sometimes even an international scale, to find out what other companies
are doing, following their example and working to exceed expectations.

There was no such thing as a deck building company in Alaska
when Treeline started 20 years ago, it was the first.  Jabaay says trust is at the heart of how her
business has been able to grow.  “I would
say that 75% of our clients come through referrals. The rest through being a
part of the community.”   Jabaay says their goal is to create, “raving
fans,” and that takes trust.  She says
it’s important for people to know you’re affiliated with an organization that
monitors, not just your industry, but all industries, making sure the consumer
has a voice.  Jabaay adds BBB
accreditation, “gives us that legitimacy, that we do hear the voices of our
consumer, and we are willing to work with a third party that’s totally

Jabaay says she’s often asked about challenges she faces as
President of a company in what has traditionally been a male-dominated
industry.  And she says trust is
important here, as well.  That she
doesn’t have to know how to do it all, she trusts her team.  If something comes up and she needs to reach
out to a team member – she does it.  “I
know it’s not about me or my pride but about building those relationships and
allowing that trust to grow between the client and myself.”

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