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Capturing Small Business Through a Pinhole

by Roseann Freitas | May 9, 2019 10:02:38 AM

How do you know what you want to do after high school or college? With so many career options, how do you narrow it down? For Caroline Witherspoon, president of BBB accredited business Becker Communications, a lunch meeting with Ruth Ann Becker, founder and CEO of Becker Communications, was the catalyst that altered her career path.

As a college student studying international business,
Caroline wasn’t sure that was exactly the direction for her. After listening to
Ruth Ann tell her story and working a summer internship with Becker
Communications, Caroline knew she was interested in public relations. Caroline returned
to the University of Washington and changed her major to PR and communication.  

Upon graduation, Caroline reached out to Ruth Ann who made a
position for her. Caroline packed her bags and left her home state of
Washington 26 years ago and hasn’t looked back. At Becker Communications,
Caroline rose through the ranks and worked on every aspect of PR and communications
before becoming president in 2013. Ruth Ann mentored Caroline, and now Caroline
mentors and leads the 14 employees of Becker Communications.

Becker Communications is a PR/communications firm; however,
they don’t just do PR. Becker provides integrated services that include advertising,
marketing, digital, PR and communications.  It isn’t enough to have a good product or
provide great service – people want to know and trust the businesses and the
people with whom they engage. This requires a good storytelling team to convey
the mission and vision of the company and what the company brings to the
community. That is what the Becker team does through publicity, social media,
websites, ads, community relations, and more.

Caroline said one of her favorite campaigns was for Kona
Brewing Company, when they started distributing their beer in a can. To capture
the media’s attention, her team launched a campaign for pinhole cameras using
the beer can as the camera. After testing the concept, they got it to work. The
pinhole camera was so well received by Hawaii media outlets, Kona Brewing extended
the pinhole camera concept to the mainland for a promotion.

Becker Communications excels at telling other people’s
stories. Some of their clients include Aloha Petroleum, Chaminade University,
Haseko, Hawaii Foodbank, Royal Hawaiian Center and TMT.

The story of Becker Communications is a great one – of mentorship
and growth – of great leadership and compelling storytelling. And it’s a story
that’s far from over.

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