Connecting a Community One Cup at a Time

by Tyler Russell | Oct 17, 2019 10:34:30 AM

When is a cup of coffee more than a cup of coffee?  When it starts a conversation, a new
friendship or business relationship. 
This is the vision of Bobby Enslow and his Accredited Business, Indaba
Coffee.  Enslow has been an Accredited
Business with Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific since the beginning
of 2019.  I first met Enslow at a Spokane
Young Professionals event in January. He spoke from the heart about his
business, his customers and the community of Spokane; it was inspiring.  There is a theme when it comes to business
owners in Spokane; community comes first. 
That’s why we focused on Indaba for one of our video shoots that is part
of BBB’s Build a Better Business series. The images and warmth of the coffee
shop can be felt with each passing frame.

Our appointment was the last shoot of the video series in
Spokane but certainly one of the most interesting.  We shot it in the newest Indaba Coffee location
in downtown Spokane.  It was not the
first location in the downtown core, but it is one of the most memorable.  As you walk in the doors of Enslow’s business
each part of the layout is situated with thought and consideration for one
thing; can we create an experience for our customers with our product and with
each other?  The development of
relationships is foundational for Enslow; he fondly recalled some of the many conversations
he has been within ear reach for, or the signs of developing relationships, be
it business or a new friendship.

Indaba Coffee upholds BBB standards of trust, integrity and
ethical business practices.  They are a
business that not just walks the walk but talks the talk, creating an outlet
for disadvantaged youth to express themselves by being coffee artisans.  The images created in coffee are a testament
to the discipline, commitment and dedication to the community that Indaba
Coffee serves.  Thank you, Bobby Enslow,
for painting the story of what it means to be from Spokane and the proud
residents who support their community in so many ways.

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