Crisis Gives Way to Authentic Social Media Marketing Opportunities

by Danielle Kane | Apr 17, 2020 10:16:03 AM

small businesses clamor to get access to funding in the form of loans and
grants to keep the lights on, keep their employees paid and keep their doors
virtually open, there are many still wondering: How do I stay relevant?

it’s one thing to stay in businesses, it’s another thing to have a business
that’s still getting in front of the right eyes during the COVID-19 crisis. And
since many businesses will have to cut any pre-existing marketing or
advertising budgets, now is the time to start tapping into authentic,
self-generated content.

One Media Director of Marketing Megan De Salvo emphasizes that now is the time
to get creative on social media and find your voice.

brands that get out there to start conversations about how they’re being impacted,
how their people are coping, what measures they’ve taken to change or what
they’re doing in the community – those are the brands that will propel
forward,” De Salvo said. “Brands that bury their head in the sand and don’t
take this opportunity to be heard, will not.”

media marketing is critical right now because it truly is the only way a
business’ customers can connect. De Salvo broke it down into two easy trajectories:
use the crisis to 1) create a sense of community or to 2) create a teaching

and large businesses across the country have stepped up to get involved with
local, charitable efforts in lieu of being able to perform regular business
operations. The list is ever-growing but includes people creating masks,
protective medical equipment and hand sanitizer. We’ve also seen headlines applauding
those making food donations or providing labor to create homeless shelters.

is not only noble but is a great way to signal to the community that you, the
business owner, care. And it’s something customers will remember when we’re
back to a new normal.

is also an opportunity to teach right now, which could be particularly
important for non-essential businesses. Telling your story through the lens of how
you do what you
do can generate instant buy-in from the community who are
simply looking for things to do. If you’re a jewelry maker, show your followers
how to make a bracelet. If you’re a hairdresser, teach them how to do a proper
hair mask for a relaxing spa day. If you’re a mechanic, offer up an under-the
hood how-to. If you’re a barista, it may be a great opportunity to teach a
little latte art.

is an opportunity to have a voice because there are eyes on you right now,” De
Salvo said. “Whatever you were doing before, it’s time to double those
marketing efforts. If you were posting three times a day, make it six. If you
weren’t posting at all, start.”

the world of social media marketing is so multi-faceted, De Salvo provided a
comprehensive list of tips that business owners can start implementing right

  • Get
    comfortable with video and different platforms. Customers have different
    platforms that speak to them and now is the time to experiment. 
  • Start
    using Facebook and Instagram stories – this is the place to show the
    “authentic” you because people are more forgiving on stories. You do not need
    to be polished and your posts don’t have to be curated. It’s about being
  • It’s
    ok to be honest and say, “things are not going great.” Be transparent. 
  • Consider
    creating a virtual community around your brand and setting up a Facebook group.
    Don’t be afraid of competition in here either – it’s community over
  • Be
    responsive on social. Your customers are expecting answers in a timely manner.
  • Be
    careful about the images you post—no group photos even if the photo was taken
    before COVID-19. Be sensitive to tone your content has.

comes down to being thoughtful about your messaging,” De Salvo said. “If you
don’t change your social presence to address what is going on, the community
will call you out. Instead, drive conversations toward something positive and
try to add value.”

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