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Dominic Alioto: Embodying Alaska

by Sheron Patrick | Apr 29, 2019 11:43:42 AM

When I was assigned to write a short blog about the Alaskan
essay scholarship winner Dominic Alioto, I wasn’t sure where to start because I
have never met the young man. But after reading his essay and then the brief
bio that accompanied it, I realized he embodies some of the best things about

Dominic comes from a rural small town in Alaska, and like
most Alaskans, he has a love for the outdoors.  But what really resonated is that, just like
me, Dominic is homeschooled. Twenty years ago this June, I was a member of only
the second class to graduate from IDEA or Interior Distance Education of Alaska;
it’s the same program Dominic is in now. As I sit here, it gives me goosebumps
to think that two decades ago, I was right where he is, waiting to conquer to
world with my hopes, dreams and goals.  And
now, here I am, writing this to honor him with a scholarship that is both well-earned
and deserved.

This is far from Dominic’s first honor. He also has received
numerous awards from the Alaska Academic Decathlon, has been recognized as a
potential candidate for the National Merit Scholarship, was selected as student
body president and will be the captain of his swim team next year as a senior!
To say this young man is dedicated and motivated is a gross understatement.

His essay on Beans Café and what they do for our community
shines a light on volunteers and their value to folks needing a little extra
help. Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a for-profit business
is a wonderful accomplishment and sets you apart from other businesses.  Being accredited as a charity, like Beans
Café, is just as important.  So, when you
give of your time or money you know, it’s going to a reputable charity, one
that exhibits the highest standards. 
Just like Dominic represents the highest standards with his scholastic
and community achievements. 

I hope you take a moment to read Dominic’s Essay https://bbb-scholarship.org/dominic-alioto/, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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