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Don't Skip Vacation Next Year

by Danielle Kane | Aug 26, 2019 2:24:04 PM

We all want
to have fun in the sun…but, the sad news is, most of us can’t afford it. In
fact, 68% of Americans have skipped recreational activities in the past year
due to high costs, according to a new poll from Bankrate.

We’re not
just talking about younger generations either – the poll surveyed Baby Boomers,
Gen Z’s and Millennials, all of whom said participating in activities such as
concerts, festivals, sports games, amusement parks, outings to the zoo and/or
dining out with friends were too expensive.

The thing
skipped the most? Vacation. Just under half of Americans (49%) said they did
not go on a vacation in 2018 due to budget constraints. Even more cause for concern
was the fact that 28% of respondents said their ability to afford a vacation
was less than it was five years ago.

Yikes! – this
is not what anyone wants to hear.

At Better
Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific we try to help stretch your dollar a little
bit further so that, hopefully, you can take that vacation next year. Here’s

First, when
you are ready to book, you can trust businesses that have been vetted on bbb.org. Check out booking agents, hotels, tour
companies and more on BBB to see their rating and read reviews. All the reviews
– and complaints – that come through our process are vetted by a real human
before being posted, so you know you can trust it before spending your
hard-earned money.

Second, we’re
always on the lookout for travel scams, and when we find them, we alert you. We
realize vacation or concert/sporting tickets are already pricey, and we know no
one can afford to be scammed out of that money.

For instance,
we recently partnered with Expedia to warn consumers about an ongoing scam
where Google searches for Expedia’s customer service phone number were
misdirecting consumers to a number run by scammers. When a consumer called to edit
a booking, they had made on Expedia, they were talking to an impostor. You can
find more on that investigation here.

We also consistently
update our tips on ticket scams. Some pointers will always hold true
– like paying with a credit card so you’re covered if you never receive said
ticket. But there are newer tips we’ve put out as scammers have evolved. For
example, if you’re selling a ticket to a big game and someone offers to pay you
via an app like Venmo or Paypal, use caution. It might look like you’ve
received the payment, but after you send that ticket, the person on the other
end has three days to recall the payment, leaving you with nothing.

The point is
– we don’t want people to miss out on the fun stuff. You deserve that trip or
that fancy dinner with friends, and BBB can help you find trusted ways to make
it happen.

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