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Easy Doesn't Mean Safe

by BBB Staff | Mar 28, 2019 4:13:47 PM

Running a business? Spend many hours ensuring your company complies
with city, state and federal regulations? Then, voila!  Yet another letter shows up on your desk, this
one from someone called “Workplace Compliance Services” writing that it’s time
to file and pay Hawaii’s Annual Report Instruction Form. Overwhelmed with a lot
of forms, it is often easier to just pull out the checkbook and pay the fee. That
is exactly what Workplace Compliance Services wants you to do. Stop right

The state of Hawaii just sent out a warning regarding this
practice.  The Department of Commerce and
Consumers Affairs (DCCA) Business Registration Division (BREG) said it’s
extremely concerned and alerted businesses about WCS’ solicitations. Ty Nohara,
Hawaii Commissioner of Securities, said they are reissuing an earlier warning about
the WCS mailer because the state is concerned, “recipients could be misled by
it and erroneously believe that it comes from a state agency.” Nohara
continues, “Workplace Compliance Services is not a government agency and is not
registered with DCCA to conduct business in the State.”

This isn’t the first time Workplace Compliance Services has
sent Hawaii businesses this letter, as it was reported to the Better Business
Bureau in June 2018. Businesses should know that they are able to file their
own annual reports online at http://hbe.ehawaii.gov/annuals
without using a third party.

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