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Facebook Analytics is Going Away. What’s Next for Your Small Business?

by Ben Spradling | Apr 20, 2021 9:12:02 AM

Business owners relying on Facebook Analytics to link social media efforts with business goals, your days are numbered.

Facebook announced earlier this month its plans to shutter the feature this summer. Businesses now have until June 30 to export reports and insights from their pages before things close for good.

Facebook’s decision to do away with its current analytics offering is based, at least in part, on growing disinterest. More users were reportedly shifting to alternative measurement tools available outside the platform. There simply aren’t enough users who view Facebook Analytics as a must-have feature.

Another potential reason for its upcoming unavailability could be related to privacy. Apple’s iOS14 update now allows its iPhone and iPad users to elect not to be tracked by apps downloaded to their devices. Because users may forgo letting the Facebook app track their activities, marketers can no longer determine if customers are engaging with and then making purchases based on a business’s content.

Apple’s new framework speaks to the larger demand for data privacy. Consumers increasingly want more control over what personal information is shared and how it’s being used. Providing consumers that power may serve as an opportunity to capitalize on the growing levels of trust shown toward businesses. It may have also spelled the end for Facebook Analytics as we know it.

Regardless of why it’s disappearing, though, the decision to sunset the feature may send small business owners into panic mode. For many, it’s an essential tool for targeting customers and understanding how they interact with and respond to advertisements. Also, and maybe most importantly, the data Facebook’s analytics feature provides is free of charge.

So, how do you replace it? Facebook already has some in-platform alternatives they’re eager to introduce to small business owners:

  • Business Suite: It’s a tool intended to help business owners manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts from one platform. It can be used to post to both accounts at the same time, view and respond to alerts, notifications, and messages, and provide insights on how content is performing. Plus, it’s free.

  • Ads Manager: It’s Facebook’s all-in-one advertising hub. Users can design, target, and then manage ads they place on the platform. You can then see how those ads performed, too. But keep in mind that any data provided is Facebook-specific.

  • Events Manager: This is a source for managing tools like Facebook Pixel and Conversions API. Small businesses should note, though, that if they want a single report of actions taken on their website, app, and in their storefront, they’ll need a third-party tool.

If Facebook’s options don’t feel like a fit, there are other choices for analyzing customer journeys. Chief among those is Google Analytics, which offers extensive retention and acquisition data to comb through. Plus, since it comes without any cost, you can add it to the list of free alternatives to consider prior to the departure of Facebook Analytics at the end of June.

Did we miss anything? Let us know which analytics platforms have helped your business in the comments section.

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