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Five Ways to Support Businesses and Charities Without Reaching for Your Wallet

by Kelsey Gardipee | Nov 11, 2020 9:17:53 AM

Logic tells us the best way to support your favorite small business is to spend money with them. That’s absolutely true. You should shop at the local restaurants, retailers and service providers that you want to see succeed.  

But if 2020 has limited your financial flexibilityknow that there are other ways to support small businesses and local charities that don’t directly impact your budget. 

Better Business Bureau continues to be inspired by businesses prioritizing community over profitAs consumers, we have aopportunity to return the favor. Yes, you should spend what you can, but maybe most importantly, remember to also take action – no wallet needed. 

Five Fun, Fast and Free Ways to Show Support 

  • Write a positive review  
  • Tell your friends and family  
  • Engage with their social media profiles  follow, comment, like, tag and share! 
  • Give them a #smallbizhighfive shout out 
  • Sign up for their newsletter 

Social Support –   

If funds aren’t flowing, spend a little time engaging with your favorite businesses and charities on social mediaGarnering followers and maintaining a high level of engagement helps attract new customers and donors. So follow, like, comment, tag and share away!  

Positive engagement on business posts helps trigger various algorithms within social platforms that help them to gain exposure and keep their news in your feedPlus, your social interactions with these businesses and charities keep you in the know on upcoming sales, inventory and other happenings. That way, you’ll know just where to spend your money once your budget allows for it 

Raves, Reviews and Recommendations   

Words of affirmation may be your love language but it’s also a business’s best friend. A Nielsen study of consumer behaviors found that 92% of us trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertising.  

Word-of-mouth marketing is also a key influencer in purchasing decisions. Online reviews – even those written by strangers – are trusted by 88% of consumers. To top it off, word-of-mouth marketing also generates five times more sales than paid advertising. Raving about your favorite business generates more sales than paid advertising and absolutely makes a difference to their bottom line.  

If your paycheck doesn’t have padding for dining out or hiring out home projects, that doesn’t mean others in your social network don’t! BBB offers a couple really easy ways to sing praises for your favorite businesses. For one, you can write a review directly from any BBB Business Review. And if fist bumps or thumbs ups are more your style, we’ve got you covered there, too. Just submit a virtual high five through our #smallbizhighfive campaign.  


Additionally, if your favorite business or charity has a newslettersign up and then forward their emails to someone you think may be interested.  

Are you up for a challenge 

Join BBB in highlighting the amazing small businesses and charities you love:   

  • Share Facebook and Instagram posts from your favorite local shops as you draft your holiday wish lists. You’ll be able to drop hints on what you want, and the businesses will benefit from the interaction 
  • Write a review for a business that you think has the best customer service or is your go-to take-out restaurant.  
  • Thank a better business for their hard work serving its community and customers. BBB will post your shoutout and you may just get some swag. Submit your #smallbizhighfive at trust-bbb.org/highfive. 
  • Post about your favorite charities ahead of the holidays to amplify their voice and attract attention to their mission. 

You can support small businesses you care about and it won’t even cost you a dimeThey’ve shown up for the community, so it’s time to give them a little love in return 

Did you accept the challenge? Tell us about it in the comments! Business owners, tell us how social media interactions have helped your business grow! 

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