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For Those Who Are Still Fighting

by Jeremy Johnson | Jun 14, 2019 3:25:17 PM

I will never forget the feeling I had in fifth grade when my
mom and dad told me my fun Uncle Mike would soon go to heaven.  He had something called Cancer and he would
be in the hospital until he died. I couldn’t understand, he made the best jokes
making us all laugh especially my dad. When he was around, my dad was always so
happy, I mean he was his baby brother. That experience will never leave me. Unfortunately,
Uncle Mike wouldn’t be the last time Cancer would take someone I loved away.

That is why I chose to get involved with the American Cancer
Society’s Relay for Life. If you don’t know much about Relay for Life, it is a
fundraiser dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. From team members to
volunteers, we remember those we’ve lost and help those affected today. Through
funds donated, time given, or awareness raising, our communities are teaming up
to make a difference.

Did you know one out of three people in the US will be
diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? For most of us that means Grandma,
Dad, Mom, or a brother or sister. For many of us, Cancer hits too close to home,
robbing us of people and memories we cherish and miss.

That is why Relay for Life is so important. It helps those
who are still fighting, like my Uncle Mike did. The funds raised through Relay
not only honors survivors and remembers loved ones, but also helps give cancer
patients and their families the resources they need, like free rides to chemotherapy,
free places to stay near hospitals, and a live 24/7 helpline for answers and

So next Friday, June 21st, my team, the Cancer
Crushers, will be at Thunder Stadium at Bonneville High School walking and
remembering those we have lost and those who are fighting the battle. We will
walk, have a booth with great carnival games, and participate in all the night
has to offer. If you want to learn more about the Relay for Life in Idaho Falls
go to www.relayforlife.org/idahofallsid. And if you would like to help, just add your
donation under my team name, the Cancer Crushers, on that website.  Or check www.relayforlife.org  to find out about the relay in your area.

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