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Happy to Call It Home

by Danielle Kane | Apr 17, 2019 3:53:05 PM

Portland is not where I grew
up. This city is brand new to me, and anyone who pays attention can tell. I’m
constantly looking around me in awe as I drive around the greater Portland
area, spotting little houses tucked away into the forest and admiring the
beautifully constructed homes along Skyline Blvd. I live just down the road
from Pittock Mansion in Cedar Hills and can’t wait to explore its history in
the coming months.

So, as I’m out and about at
networking events and meetings, I’m seeing every location for the first time.
I’m an East Coast gal and spent many days in New York skyscrapers or attending
work functions at restaurants around Grand Central. New York is also rich in
history, but its history is often overshadowed by the expensive, ornate nature
of its buildings and designs.

For me, there’s just
something inherently exciting about stepping foot into an historic building
you’ve never seen before, and such was the case this past week when I went to
McMenamins Kennedy School in Northeast Portland. The Portland Business Alliance
held its Business After Hours event there on April 10th.

Now, I know what some of you
are thinking, “McMenamins are everywhere around Oregon and Washington – we’re
used to it.” For locals, it probably isn’t that thrilling. The same way I
became jaded regularly walking past the Chrysler or Empire State building. But,
as I talked to folks at the event and learned about the past of the Kennedy
School and the various projects McMenamins takes on throughout the Northwest, I
was intrigued. I walked around to look at the cozy bars scattered throughout
the building, aptly named the Honors Room or Detention Room. For the Portland
Business Alliance event, we were all in the gym, where I was impressed to see
the decades-old basketball hoops preserved on the walls.

I think what McMenamins, and
other organizations like it, does to restore and maintain such antiquated
places is honorable. And all this is to say, I like what I see so far in
Portland. I’m happy to call this “weird” city, home.

But, while this may sound like
a testament to McMenamins, it’s just as much a shout-out to the Portland
Business Alliance for choosing unique venues representative of its city to
bring the local business world together. I had an opportunity to make great
contacts in a great space – and that constitutes a great day on the job for me.

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