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How Small Business Owners Can Use Events to Attract Talent

by BBB Staff | Sep 12, 2018 7:42:25 PM

In today's market, finding top talent is not simplistic. Unemployment rates are at the lowest they have been in decades. People want to work, but many have moved out of the general workforce and are freelance or consulting on their own. And, there are new college graduates, but many lack the skills and experience today's businesses are desperate for. What can you do to attract top talent?

Why Events Matter

An event can create an opportunity to engage with people. If your target employees is a millennial, then you most certainly need to find ways to engage with these individuals in a more formal manner. In other words, it is becoming more difficult to truly capture the attention of individuals looking for key positions through simple ads online. Even tools like LinkedIn can only go so far.

Events open the door to opportunities. People like to interact. They also like the ability to step back a bit and watch what is happening before they take a step towards working with you or even talking to you. Events also give you the ability to feel out your would-be hire long before you even invest in an actual interview.

Events get attention. They draw in more people. And, they create lasting connections. And, for this reason, small businesses need to participate and create them to attract the best talent.

What Goes Into Such an Event?

As a small business owner, you need to define some clear goals for your hiring event. Specifically, it should address the following:

  • What talent do you need right now? And, what are the specific requirements you need to have in those individuals?
  • What is your short and long-term goal for hiring?
  • What will you do to ensure this hiring event builds on your brand's image as an employer?

There are clear advantages to employers using hiring events. For example, you get to see who you are hiring not just read a resume. This allows the personality of the person to come through clearly. You also get to create an impression on talent. Today, a top talented graduate is going to have more than one opportunity in most fields. He or she needs to have some type of bond or relationship with you in order to bring them to your staff.

Tips for Hiring Event Success

A good first step is to define the location of your event. Most of the time, you will benefit the most by positioning these events in the evening. This allows for individuals who are already working to be free to come to learn more. For locations, there are a few key things to remember:

  • Try to focus on your target employee. If this is a younger crowd, choose a more trendy location to host your event. For professionals who are a bit older, be sure it is convenient.
  • Ensure it is quiet enough to talk. That's the point of the event. But, keep it personal and low key.
  • Give them some reason to come beyond dropping off a resume. Could they learn about a new product? Perhaps they could check out a new innovation center you are opening.

Next, consider what you will provide. Beyond a space to meet up, you also want to consider food and drink. Feed them to encourage people to stick around for a bit to really give you a chance to know them. A local pizza shop can help attract those who are just looking for a job but also gives you an opportunity to interact in a friendly, non-stress environment over a good meal.

Provide Information

It goes help to provide an information session as a part of the event. This may include an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about the job, the company, and the positions you are hiring. This is also a good opportunity to create a presentation about your company that shows it as growing, innovating, and capturing a large scale of the market sector. You want each person to know who your company is and why you are the best to work in the field.

A hiring event like this can help you do more than just get a few applications. It builds your brand's image as an employer and as a player in the local industry. It can help you to learn about trends and answer questions about what may be holding back candidates from applying. What do they want and need to work with you? All of this comes from an interactive, engaging event.

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