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How to Build a Positive Culture that Will Empower Employees

by BBB Staff | Sep 18, 2018 9:36:13 AM

Today's business world can be tough. The success of your business depends largely on the success of your employees. It is important to empower your employees to think independently and take on more responsibility. The fact is, empowered employees often produce a higher quality of work and reduce your business's organizational costs. The key to having happy, productive employees lies in making certain they feel important in their role within the company.

Here are 10 ways you can inspire your employees to reach their full potential within your organization.

Exhibit Trust

Give your employees generous boundaries in their company role. Doing this gives them the freedom to act independently regarding their work. Inspire creative thinking in your employees and focus on the end results --not how they produce results.

Clearly Define Roles

It's hard to produce top-quality work if you are unclear about exactly what is expected of you. Make sure to define your employee's role within the company clearly. This helps give them a firm foundation from which to build a successful career.

Keep an Open Door

Opening the lines of communication is a key factor in good employee relations. Let your employees know that they can come and talk to you when they need assistance or have an idea. Listen to them intently, so they know you value their opinion and input. Ask pertinent questions about their work and their life. One-on-one conversations, even casual ones in the breakroom, help build a strong relationship between employee and management. It also helps create a more positive workplace and builds your leadership skills.

Believe in Your Employees

Great employees don't necessarily begin that way. Let your belief in their value show, and they will begin to believe in themselves. Find ways for employees to support each other. This will make your employees more independent in their role within the business and help new employees find their own way.

Encourage Self-Improvement

Provide your employees with growth paths to keep your business from getting stagnant. It's important to remember that when an employee learns new skills, it only helps your business. Some companies provide financial assistance to employees who want to increase their education or training. If you can't help financially, be flexible in regard to their class schedule.

Show Appreciation

An employee that feels appreciated will work harder to produce high-quality work. Praise your employees for their efforts. It is important to focus on effort, not talent. This ensures a higher quality of work in the future and gives your employees a higher level of job satisfaction.

Give Time Off

Time off from work is crucial. This allows the employee to recharge and reset, so they feel fresh and ready to come back to work. Vacation time also helps employees avoid job burnout, so your employee retention remains at a high level. This saves you the expense of constantly training new employees.

Earn Trust

Your employees need to know that you will be there in good times and bad. It helps them to feel safe as an employee if they know you are in it for the long haul with them. Layoffs during business lulls create a sense of panic in workers. Let them know that the business's success is a team effort and don't drop them to save a few dollars; they might not be there when you need them back on the job.

Be Flexible

It is a fact that, no matter how hard we try, life sometimes gets in the way. Your employees will have unavoidable bumps in their life that they must deal with. Being flexible during these times lets your employees know that you understand their need for time away from work. A bit of flexibility regarding their work schedule shows them that you care about their troubles. If possible, discuss work-at-home options.

Set Aside Your Own Ego

As the boss, you sometimes feel like you need to have all the answers. The truth is, no matter what your business, it is a constant learning process for everyone, including you. You don't always have to be the smartest person in the room. It is vital that you talk less and listen more. Listening to others and being humble enough to accept advice makes you a more accessible, stronger leader.

There are many benefits of empowering your employees. Organizations that give their employees the freedom to make a difference often see a higher quality of work. As employees become empowered and are treated as vital to the business, they gain self-confidence and begin to collaborate with others. By doing this, they achieve much more than one could accomplish alone. Empowerment also reduces the costs of a business, by lowering employee turnover costs, operational costs, and employee retention costs.

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