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How to Capture More Leads with Your Website

by BBB Staff | Jun 19, 2018 12:28:09 PM

A website is a vital tool for all businesses, although companies have been known to use for different reasons. Some prefer to use it to generate instant revenue through E-commerce sales, while others use it to generate leads. Whatever a business decides to use their website for, it goes without saying that what their end goal is, is business growth.

There are many ways for a business to increase their leads, sales, and revenue without spending the time and money to redesign and rebuild their website completely. These five tips can potentially help a business capture more leads with minimum effort.

Add a Contact Form to the Pages with the Most Traffic

Once you have established your current state of lead generation, you can begin to track your success and ascertain the areas in which you need the most improvement. The reason for doing this is because some of your pages might make fantastic lead generators and you don't even realize it.

Once you have identified where exactly it is that your leads are coming from, you'll want to ensure that the pages that they are landing on are doing absolutely everything possible so that they can pique a visitor's interest, there's nothing worse than having a visitor to your site leave because your content is not captivating.

So, if, with the help of your analytics tool, you find out that most of your potential leads are clicking through to your website from your social media, your next logical step would be to update the pages that they are visiting with content that will encourage them to engage with your website. Your most visited pages should have forms that aim to garner their contact information.

Capturing Email Leads

It is entirely possible to create an email list without disturbing the visitors to your site. All that you have to do is ensure that your practices don't resemble a content barrier. Presenting a pop-up at the end of your content asking visitors to sign up is a good idea as most visitors decide whether to subscribe or not when they have finished reading. By scheduling a pop-up as soon as they get to the bottom of your content, you encourage them to make the decision immediately.

It is proven to offer good rates of conversion, sometimes it will even convert users who were unwilling to subscribe at the beginning. As the pop-up triggers when the visitors have finished reading the content it works as a CTA and gives them direction. It is because of this that it doesn't look like a barrier and turn them away.

Show Off Testimonials and Display Trust Signals

If visitors to your websites trust your businesses, then they are going to be much more likely to make purchases and submit their information, hence the need for testimonials. The presence of testimonials from customers or other notable industry partners is probably the best way to gain a potential leads trust. Showing off your awards, recognition, and Better Business Bureau Accreditation will help visitors to your site feel more comfortable about doing business with you. An absolute no-go is to include fake testimonials. They can be spotted a mile away and will immediately make any potential customer completely distrust your business.

Personalize Your Call to Action

Dynamic content lets you customize the experience of visiting your website to every unique visitor. People who visit your website will see images, buttons, and product options that have been completely tailor-made to suit their interests, other pages that they have viewed, or items that they have purchased in the past. Personalized calls to action are proven to convert more than a basic call to action. To put it simply, dynamic content and on-page personalization will help you to generate a greater number of leads.

Reinforce the Benefits of Your Offer

Every single marketer knows to include the benefits of their product or services on their website. But very few take appropriate steps to reinforce those benefits through other forms of advertising, for example through the use of a landing page. Reiterating the benefits of your product or services is an extremely effective means of informing new customers of exactly what they can expect from your business. Repetition is also a good technique to help returning visitors remember exactly what you and your business is about.

Your business depends on leads to close sales in order to flourish. By utilizing the tips above, you can take the appropriate steps to securing every opportunity, and decrease the number of unsatisfied website visitors that slip away without making a purchase.

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