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How to Leverage Events to Drive More Sales for Your Small Business

by BBB Staff | Jul 12, 2018 10:10:34 AM

A business should know that in order to maximize profits there needs to be smart marketing work aplenty. Regardless of this, it can still be a challenge for some businesses to devote the necessary time to market efficiently. To bolster the efforts of the marketing team, it can sometimes be extremely beneficial to hold a special event. Holding an event can help a business gain more loyal customers and maximize profitability.

A special event is a perfect opportunity to drive more sales for your small business. Whether you are staging a party or a conference to introduce a new product or a service, opening a new store, or exhibiting at a trade show, you have the perfect chance to use these special events as an invaluable marketing and sales tool.

You would be surprised how many businesses do not capitalize on such opportunities. It is all too common for the event planner to be so immersed in the mechanics and logistics of organizing a special event, that they eventually lose focus and forget what should be the primary objective of the event: an increase in sales. Event marketing is one of the most powerful outreach techniques that businesses can use today to drive inquiries and leads, eventually powering up sales

The following few pointers should help your marketing and sales forces get the most from your event.

Create A Focal Point

Even if it is just a few words from a company official, an unveiling ceremony for the product or service, or even a simple ribbon cutting, providing a focal point for your event encourages guests to stick around for a while. Because let's be honest, when the hors-d'oeuvres and drinks are gone there is hardly a reason for guests to stick around - and they generally won't.

Create An Event Within An Event

Any experienced event planner will tell you that while the best results come from an event that is created for a large audience, it is essential to have various aspects of it that will help your business to connect with people on a more personal level, as this is what helps you get sales. A large event with components tailored for every single attendee is essentially an event within an event. For example, staging a presentation that details the intricacies of your brand vision and your products or services will reach a  larger audience. However, holding a question and answer session afterward as well as having brand ambassadors discussing your company on a personal level with individual attendees will personalize the experience for them and encourage them to make inquiries.

Think About A Giveaway

An experienced event marketer will tell you of the importance of event giveaways. A well-thought-out giveaway will give your event some serious positive feedback and help to keep your brand in the minds of the attendees, and as such increase brand recall. A post-event takeaway memento, even something as simple as a pen or a tote bag, will turn attendees into as active brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth promoters for the brand without them even realizing it!

Social Media Is Your Friend

These days, event marketing is almost single-handedly influenced by the continually evolving sphere of event tech and social media. Now that virtually everybody owns smartphones, and fast mobile internet is extremely prevalent, event attendees feel almost obliged to share their experience and take a piece of the event home with them, in the form of videos and photos, via social media and wireless communications. By leveraging technology and social media, event marketers can transform event attendees into brand ambassadors. Encouraging attendees to use features such as Facebook check-ins, Instagram stories, and even holding Twitter and Facebook competitions, marketers will be excelling when it comes to creating opportunities for sales.

Don't Be Afraid To Collaborate

Regardless of whether it's design experts to create an ideal exhibition space, collaborating with another brand for cross-promotion or for recognizable and effective branding, do not hesitate to hire outside help as this can help you to save time and money, while still helping you gain those all-important leads. Businesses that bring in external resources can add value to its products or services from a different and creative perspective.

So, there you have it. With these five tips, you should be well on your way to making the most of any events that you have planned. With correct marketing you will soon be converting those potential customers into happy, returning customers.

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