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HPM Building Supply a Pillar of Hawaii

by BBB Staff | Oct 1, 2018 11:20:19 AM

Few companies can boast more than 90 years of business in an industry Better Business Bureau Accredited since 2006, HPM Building Supply has spent years competing against the big box stores in the home improvement industry.

“There’s a perception that we can’t compete, and we can,” said James Goodrich, HPM Building Supply General Manager. “We’re seeing the progress. Our business continues to grow.”

HPM Building Supply has multiple locations in Hawaii and while the area is expansive, Goodrich, says the community has a small-town feel. Being so integrated in the area means they have to do what’s best for the customer and their employees.

“It’s all about integrity, and you have to stand behind what you’re doing with your customers,” he said. “That’s the great thing about HPM; it’s locally owned. It’s actually employee-owned.”

Goodrich added that by putting themselves in their customer's shoes, they can better serve them when issues do arise.

“It’s as simple as that. You just use logic and use reason, and you make sure you’re taking care of your customers because it’s not a one-time event with our customers,” Goodrich said. “The folks we have coming through our doors are coming in on a regular basis. We know many of them by their first name.”

Despite being in business for nearly century, company leaders decided he needed to do more to show their customers they mattered. So, in 2006, they worked to become BBB Accredited.

“Building that relationship with the BBB is another step -and a big step – in continuing that reputation in this market,” Goodrich said. “We want to be the go-to whenever anybody is doing any home projects in their house or planning new homes. BBB is just part of that whole concept of giving the customer the security that we are here, and that the better business bureau is there as well to support what their needs are. “

Any company that has been in business as long as HPM has had to weather many storms. The Hawaii business has seen its fair share, from working through World War II to enduring tsunami’s --the company has been through it all and made it out still dedicated to its customers.

“We’re here, and we’re here for the right reason,” Goodrich said. “We’re here to take care of our customers and they have the confidence that we’re not going to be gone tomorrow. We’ve been here 97 years we’re not going anywhere. We’re only getting better.”

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