Lily Barna: Standing Out Among Her Peers

by Courtney Green | Apr 29, 2019 12:04:11 PM

This June, a very special young woman
joins society as a Lakeridge High School graduate. From being elected student body
president, tutoring fellow students, participating in the Model United Nations
four years in a row and raising money for the Leukemia
Lymphoma Society, Lily Barna truly stands out among her peers.

Now, Lily wears
another feather in her community cap: The Better Business Bureau awarded this
Lake Oswego teen Oregon’s Student of Integrity Scholarship. A 500-word essay
earned Lily a $1,000 scholarship to help continue her educational and
philanthropic efforts.

The focus of Lily’s
winning essay was Kyra’s Bake Shop, a gluten-free community staple. Lily wrote
she first met owner Kyra while fundraising for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.
The pair have raised donations on several occasions for different organizations,
but Lily says what makes this particular bakery stand out to her is its
transparency and trustworthiness.

“Trust is at the
foreground of their business: trust is what keeps people like me, and all the
people in Lake Oswego, coming back,” Lily wrote.

Kyra’s Bake Shop
holds an A+ rating with BBB and has a great reputation within the community.
Lily even notes that while she is not gluten-free, she still enjoys eating at
Kyra’s because, “their food is so tasty you don’t have to be.”

Better Business Bureau regularly
recognizes businesses that show integrity and trust; however, it is heartwarming
to see that young consumers can identify these businesses as well.

“The BBB works with
businesses to help make my life, and fellow consumers’ lives, better,” Lily
concludes. “The BBB and Trust helps to provide transparency that is so integral
to forming a positive relationship between businesses like Kyra’s, and people,
just like me.”

Read more about Lily and Kyra’s Bake Shop here.

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