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Meet the Team: Jeremy Johnson

by BBB Staff | Jan 31, 2018 1:20:50 PM

Meet Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager in Idaho Falls. Johnson’s role is to foster the development of Better Business Bureau’s presence in the Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming area through various engagement activities. When she isn’t out in the community giving presentation or promoting BBB, she’s available to visit your business to discuss various services of your accreditation.

Keep reading to learn more about Jeremy:

1. Where were you born?

In Twin Falls, Idaho

2. What other places have you lived?

I have lived in Hagerman, Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho, Provo, Utah, Forest Hills, Queens, Pocatello, Idaho, Salt Lake City, and Idaho Falls, Idaho

3. Where’s your favorite place to visit?

New York City and California

4. What was your first job? Any big lessons you took away from that occupation?

My very first job was making sandwiches and doing freight at a Maverik gas station. I was only 15 but I learned the value of hard work and that I wasn’t above doing anything.

My professional first job was a news reporter at KMVT News in Twin Falls, Idaho I learned quickly that being on the news was far from a glamourous life. I learned that I loved being in the community and learning about so many subjects. I also learned that carrying around camera gear by yourself at a dairy farm in heels is a rough day.

5. What brought you to BBB?

Honestly, I saw the job description and thought this description includes the favorite parts of all the other jobs I have had.

6. What do you love most about your job?

I love being out in the community and meeting new people.

7. What’s one thing people might be surprised to learn about BBB?

How much help and assistance that we offer to business’s.

8. Do you have any special talents?

I really I love to cook and have been told my recipes are delicious.

9. If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Snake Bite in Idaho Falls

10. Other than email, what app do you use on your phone the most? Why?

Social Media, I love social media to keep in touch with so many people that without it; you would lose touch with.

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