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More businesses are hiring. Your dream job may be available.

by Rebecca Barr | May 18, 2021 2:11:21 PM

A short drive through town may reveal more than a few “We’re Hiring” signs. Nearly every business is looking to bolster their teams to keep up with growing demand. What those businesses are discovering, though, is that labor is hard to come by.

Conversations continue among economic experts, business owners and politicians as to why businesses are struggling to attract and retain new employees. Primary reasons why some may feel hesitant to rejoin the workforce include lingering health concerns connected to COVID-19, ongoing childcare needs, and unemployment benefits exceeding paying wages.

Those factors have led to a significant number of unfilled positions. If you’re currently a jobseeker, that means right now may be a great time to polish up your resume. With so many companies looking to grow their workforces, and so few candidates vying for openings, you could benefit.

But before you rush to begin applying, this may be a perfect time to be picky. During a labor shortage, workers have the upper hand. Don’t just fill out any online application you see on Facebook. Take a step back and think bigger picture.

As you comb through job opening, consider these tips:

  1. Think long-term. Look for companies that align with your long-term career goals. Find out the pay range, benefits and other perks the company has to offer. Review their online and community reputation.
  2. Career Change. With so many businesses hiring, this may be the time to apply for that dream job you’ve always wanted – try something new or go for the position you previously hesitated to pursue. You won’t be alone. The pandemic has led to many people looking to do something completely different.
  3. Opportunity is knocking. The number of jobs out there might surprise you. So even if you are currently employed, that company you’ve always been a fan of might be seeking someone with your skillset.
  4. Expand your search. Many businesses have opened their employees to working remotely. Which means companies can cast a wider net and expand your selection.

Most importantly, make sure you are seeking employment with a trustworthy company. How they treat their customers may give insight on how they treat their employees, so read reviews of the business you’re interested in joining. BBB Accredited Businesses are vetted, checked, and monitored. Look for a trustworthy business at BBB.org.

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