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Portland's Fin-Family: NW Scuba

by Danielle Kane | Nov 27, 2019 9:57:33 AM


You know
those scenes in oceanic movies where a person is swimming in the not-so-far-out
ocean and a larger-than-life shark comes out of nowhere, gruesomely attacks and
pulls them into the dark depths of the sea?

Yea, the
ocean is nothing like that, according to the guys of Portland-based Northwest
Scuba. In fact, it’s those kinds of scenes that give ocean adventure and scuba
diving a bad rap.

BBB Northwest
+ Pacific accredited business, Northwest Scuba, is on a mission to help
beginning divers conquer their fears of the water, while also helping seasoned
divers master their passion.

The northwest
is home to a lot of divers, says Joshua “Jonesy” Jones, or as he likes to call
it, their fin-family.

“This is
really about trying to build trust, so if you have someone like the Better
Business Bureau putting their stamp of approval on your business, it show’s
they’ve vetted us and that we’re doing what we say we’re going to do,” Jones

Scuba offers scuba gear sales and repairs, private pool classes and education
for first-timers, open water and scuba instructor certifications, and, of
course, expeditions to the ocean with their dive club.

One of the
main things Northwest Scuba tries to teach their clients is that the open water
is not something to fear. In fact, quite the opposite. We should be scared of
what we’re doing to the ocean – not the aquatic life that’s in it.

“When you’re
diving, you get to see what everyone throws in the water,” Jones said. “When
you’re out there you want to see a clean river, a clean ocean. If we don’t take
care of it, we’re not going to have any place to dive.”

To be expected from two professional scuba divers – these guys care about the ocean. A lot. So, naturally, at the shop, you can find reef-safe sunscreen, reusable straws and more eco-friendly items that help reduce everyone’s individual carbon footprint.

Scuba has been operating out of Portland for the last 5 years. They’ve been
BBB-accredited for four out of those five years, consistently upholding our
standards of integrity and trust. Not to mention, doing their part for a
greener planet.

To hear more
about their story, check out the video above!

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