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Premier Solar Northwest: Empowering Oregonians One Panel at a Time

by Danielle Kane | Mar 3, 2020 11:02:22 AM


The global
dialogue around climate change spans conversations on TV, at work and
sometimes, even in our own living rooms. It is not uncommon to see many
businesses and consumers adopting more eco-friendly practices and trying to
decrease their carbon footprint where they can.

One industry,
in particular, is dedicated solely to these causes: solar power.  

In Oregon,
Premier Solar Northwest is one such business. Premier Solar sells and installs
solar panels to customers looking to be a little greener in how they get their
energy and power their homes.

“This is
something that seems to be gaining a lot of momentum,” said Bob Rathbone,
co-owner. “People want to do what’s right for the environment.”

Premier Solar
has been accredited with Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific since 2014 and
is one of the companies we selected to feature in our Building Better Business
video series (video above).

Like all BBB
accredited businesses, Premier Solar upholds BBB’s standards of integrity by
taking care of its customers from start to finish, having a proven track record
and illustrating a conscientious effort to enhance trust in Oregon’s
buyer-seller marketplace.

This is particularly
important in what is still a growing industry that consumers want to learn more
about. Consumers are looking to get a true understanding, not only on renewable
energy, but the types of business they should be interacting with in that
space, how solar panels work and what is factored into each home’s needs and, ultimately,

“We heard an
interesting statistic about [renewable energy] recently,” said Cliff Barry,
co-owner. “It took 40 years for the first one million solar panel installations
to occur. In the last two years, there’s been another one million and they
project in the next two years, another million. So, there’s a huge ramp-up of

With that
kind of trajectory, it is critical customers are able to find businesses they
can trust to get the job done right.

“We think the
BBB [seal] gives us credibility that we are aligned with somebody that gives
our customers just a little bit more comfort dealing with us,” said Barry.  

proud to stand behind Premier Solar and wants to shine a spotlight on this
worthy Portland-based business. Check out the video above to learn more!

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