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Spring Scam Wrap-Up • Alaska

by BBB Staff | Apr 11, 2018 10:33:35 AM

The following are scams that were reported to Better Business Bureau serving the Northwest & Pacific in March. In most instances, names and locations have been omitted to protect the victims’ privacy.


In March, there were 13 scams reported to BBB Scam Tracker with an estimated $250 lost in Alaska.

Online Purchase Scam

A Healy man reports he lost more than $100 to an online purchase scam. He reports he bought four pairs of sunglasses from a website that claimed to have great deals on Oakley branded items. When he received the products, they were the incorrect items that he ordered. He contacted the business asking for reimbursement or for the products to be replaced with the correct items. The business told him they couldn’t do either and instead offered him 20 percent off his next purchase. After that message, the man reports he was unable to get another response from the company.

Romance Scam

An Anchorage woman reports she was a target of a romance scam. She reports she met a man via Tinder and WhatsApp. After they became romantically involved, she claims he kept asking for $2,000. When she told him she wouldn’t send him money, he became upset and threatened to post personal information about her on Facebook.

Online Purchase Scam

An Eagle River resident reports they lost $49 to an online purchase scam. The resident reports they came across a website claiming they could order a birth certificate from Montana. They entered their personal information including their social security number and was told they would be charged $17. The consumer never received their birth certificate, and the website charged them $49 instead of $17.

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