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Surrounded by Small Business

by Hannah Stiff | May 7, 2019 11:15:26 AM

In a state as vast as Montana, most of our towns
have only small businesses. That
means that each small business owner wears multiple hats to keep their lights
on and doors open. The recipe for a small business owner might look something
like this: one-part tenacity, another part cooperation, a healthy helping of
patience, a dash hiring savvy and a sense of humor to season. 

The Montana small business owner is the restaurateur
who wakes up early each morning to prep food for the day, sweep and mop the
floors, restock the fridges, balance the books, pay the employees and put on an
apron to take orders. The Montana small business owner is the father who runs a
garage-door installation company and employs his two sons to work alongside him
in the field and his wife to run the office and keep the customers happy. The
Montana small business owner bravely launched her idea to rent out retrofitted
camping vans, so visitors can explore the Rocky Mountain West.

The Montana small business owner is tenacious. They are brave. They are practical and savvy. They are customer focused and community driven. The Montana small business owner is the backbone of our state, and this Small Business Week, we honor these fabulous folks.

According to the 2018 Small Business Administration report, there are 118,315 small businesses in the state of Montana. Those small businesses employ 244,668 people, or 65 percent of the workforce in the state. It’s hard to overstate the importance of small businesses in Montana. Instead, we’re hitting the road to honor those small business owners with a small token of gratitude. We will be out in the community, asking you, wonderful consumers, to support your local small businesses. And we will be stopping by BBB accredited small businesses to drop by treats, snap photos and shout hooray and generally celebrate small shop owners in the Treasure State.

We urge you to visit your favorite small businesses this week. Take a moment between buying your favorite shirt, salad, Subaru, book, bike, blouse etc. to thank the person selling you that item. Because this week, and all year long, these small business owners add to all of our quality of life with their hard work and great service.

To find a small business to love, visit bbb.org. To hear more about what we’re doing this small business week, head over to facebook.com/BBBMontana.

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