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Hiring a Reliable and Trustworthy Contractor

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and its arrival kicks off what is traditionally a prime time for home improvements. Whether you’re converting your house into a dream home or simply making a few updates, the contractor you hire can determine if your project turns out to be a breeze or a major headache.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

Better Business Bureau serving Great West + Pacific is prepping to launch a comprehensive campaign focused on the moving industry – just in time for National Moving Month.

6 Tips for Finding Trustworthy Tax Help

Millions of Americans will ultimately lean on someone else to take care of their math and paperwork, especially this year.

8 Ways Businesses Can Help Their Customers Shop Safer

Businesses with a history of reliable quality and service, ones that prioritize consumers’ interests and needs above bottom lines, have a way of outlasting their competition.

6 Savvy Steps to Becoming A Smarter Consumer

Throughout 2020, consumers filed more than 80,000 complaints and submitted upwards of 40,000 reviews about businesses they interacted within the marketplace. On top of that, more than 46,000 reports were posted to our BBB ScamTracker tool.

Even in a Pandemic Holiday Sales Soar to New Levels

A Trillion Dollar Holiday

Add Trust to your Online Holiday Shopping List

With the scarcity of hot ticket items and looking for the best price, consumers can find themselves at the short-end of a con

Holiday Tips on Kids and Gaming

One of the main scams aimed at players is offering free in-game currency. These scams are suspicious and very common among gaming platforms.

Is Black Friday Cancelled?

Mandates and guidelines resulting from the pandemic have caused many stores to alter their operating procedures. Some have even closed their doors to in-person shopping completely.

How Con Artists Planned to Steal Christmas

Any sense of urgency that typically accompanies Black Friday purchases has been replaced by a much slower pace. Most of this year’s sales have been ongoing, and they’re almost all happening online.

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