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How I Won the BBB Scholarship

Hello and welcome to another week with me diving into your Better Business Bureau! We are approaching the last two weeks, and I’m so glad we got to see what all BBB does together! This week is a special edition of “BBB from a young consumer’s perspective” as I get to talk about how I first got involved with BBB—the BBB 10k scholarship!

Identity Theft

Best Features BBB Has For Young Consumers

Welcome back to another week exploring Better Business Bureau and what it can offer! This week we...

What is BBB?

3 Things I didn’t Know About BBB

When talking with people my age, the first thing they ask when I tell them I’m working for BBB this...

Get a Behind the Scenes Look at BBB!

This summer Cameron Blegen is giving young consumers an in-depth look at your Better Business...

Meet Cameron Blegen

My name is Cameron Blegen, and I’m currently a student at Montana State University. I like to snow...

A Youthful Look at BBB

Hi! My name is Cameron Blegen. Over the next seven weeks, I’ll be taking a deep dive into the world...
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