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Tattooing Transparency

by Rebecca Barr | Apr 1, 2019 9:46:12 AM


When reputation means everything, look behind the ink

Looking to get some ink done in the Treasure Valley? Ask
around and you’ll likely hear about Talon Tattoo. The buzz isn’t just the sound
of tattoo needles, but from Talon’s loyal fan base. Tiffany and Jonathan Lasco
opened Talon Tattoo in 2007 deciding they wanted to do things their way. Their way starts and ends
with trust.

Johnathan began his career apprenticing under the guidance
of a skilled mentor.  Seven years later,
the Lascos took the leap and open their own shop.  “To be your own boss,” remembers John, “back
then it was exciting and new.”  They
thought it would be easy.  But then the
nerves set in.  “You question ‘How am I
going to do this? How am I going to make it successful?’ It’s very scary and
challenging but the most rewarding too.”

The Lascos steered clear of the stereotypical dark,
unfriendly shops. They wanted to create a welcoming place, comfortable for
customers and a business built on trust and transparency. “We try to greet
everyone who walks in the door and smile. Because that’s what I want to see
when I walk into a business. It starts that process of trust,” explains John.

Long-time client of the shop, Lisa Freeman, beams with
confidence as she gets work done on her leg, her husband not far away getting
his own creation. She talks about how “John and Tiff” have become like family
to her; John even officiated their wedding.

The feeling of family isn’t by accident. The Lascos
purposely built a family-friendly atmosphere. Their two kids spent a lot of
time growing up here while mom and dad worked long days and nights. And, like
family, their clients trust the couple with many of life’s big moments.
“Marriages, births, they come in and get a tattoo to signify those and so we
are such a part of it, it’s cool,” says Tiffany.

John has also done many ‘in memory’ tattoos, remembering
lost loved ones. “I’ve cried along with my customers as they’re getting a piece

That’s part of why Talon Tattoo has such a large fan base.
As John puts it, “We tattoo friends, friends of friends, family members,
generations of family members.” He continues, “We have some of the best
customers on the planet.”

The love is a two-way street adds Tiffany. “We do anything
to take care of them and they take care of us. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

The Lascos know client trust is important on many levels. They
need to trust they’ll be welcomed, trust the cleanliness of the equipment, and
trust the artists bringing their ideas to life.

But trust doesn’t end there. Idaho doesn’t regulate the
tattoo industry. So, the Lascos hold Talon Tattoo to their own, higher set of
standards. “Being a part of the BBB was one step of many to hold ourselves
accountable,” says Tiffany, “and show that we’re going to go above and beyond.”

Talon Tattoo has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2008. Transparency
is another one of the critical BBB Standards of Trust with which the Lascos
choose to run their business.  Unlike
other shops, Talon prices by the piece so there’s no confusion about the cost.
They explain the process to new clients and always encourage them to check out
their previous work to make sure their styles match up with the clients’.

John and Tiffany have been together for 21 years. They built
a family together and a successful tattoo shop. How did they get there? As John
puts it, “The sacrifice and the hard work is what worked. The blood, sweat and
tears.”  And, of course, trust.

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